About Me

My name is Ceej and I am Chamorrita from Guam living in Washington State.  Like everyone else, I wear many hats.  I am: a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, niece, nina, best friend, "Twin", friend and pal, administrative assistant, college graduate, beta reader, street team member, blogger, book promoter, book reviewer, "bodyguard/cheerleader' (inside joke with my Fave AC), and character auditor.  My life is blessed with many beautiful people who inspire me to be better than I was yesterday.

My familia

This is my beautiful familia.  My Pops (Ben), Mama (Jean), Boboy (Shaun), Baby Sis (Bri), and my new Darling sis (Joanie).  Pops is retired Army (my Hero!) and works on Base.  Mama is a retired Army wife working for a flooring company.  Boboy is active Army (my other Hero!).  Baby Sis works two jobs and goes to school (go baby!).  Darling is an Army wife and going to school (you go, nen!).  Each of these people are essential to my life!

My Best Friends...the Familia I have been blessed to have chosen

These are my best friends, my extended familia.  There's my bruddah (Rocky), my bro (Jason), my Angel sister (Michelle), my Twin (Maria), my Sunshine (Amber), and my sis (Diana).  These six people are the ones that keep me sane and focused.  They have been essential to my survival.  I owe them more than I can ever give.

My First Book...Loving Cia

This is my first attempt.  It was independently published last year by The Book Patch, then I was able to publish it to Kindle Direct Publishing.  Both are dreams that have been realized.  My secret hopes are that it would be enjoyed by many.  The few that have read it enjoyed it so I am excited.

Loving Cia is a short novel about a young woman with a tragic past torn between the father of her deceased son and her current love.  It is based on the island of Guam.  Cianna is a young woman who had and lost her son at a young age and lived her life as she saw fit.  She had to work through the pain that haunted her on a daily basis.  The surprise arrival years later of her son's father threw her life into chaos, which led her to a life filled with paralysis, pregnancy, and death.


For me, awareness is important.  These three ribbons represent diseases or conditions that I am fighting and ones that I share awareness about.  All too often, people share information about these conditions yet not know whether or not their information is factual.  I fight to share education from credible sources and experts.