Jul. 19, 2016

Resisting Roots (Lotus House Series Book One)

Resisting Roots is a sensual tale of life, love, and struggle.  This book definitely follows along with Audrey's tagline of "Wicked Hot Love Stories".  This isn't your usual "wicked hot love story".  It has a focus on the art of yoga.  In the Note to the Reader, Audrey specifies that the yoga teachings in the book were personally written as a Registered Yoga Teacher.  As someone who has never tried yoga, this interested me even more in the book. 

Genevieve Harper is a yoga instructor at the Lotus House Yoga Center.  She's a stunning blonde who should have had nothing but her dreams to worry about.  However, she's responsible for her teenage brother and little sister after the tragic passing of their parents.  She works two jobs to ensure that her little family, so she has no time for romance, much less a cocky professional baseball player seeking help with his leg injury. 

Trent Fox is the quintessential cocky professional baseball player.  He is tall, gorgeous, and built like a brickhouse.  So, as commonly expected, he's a player in more ways than the sports definition.  He has no desire to settle down in one place much less one woman.  His focus was on scoring on and off the field.  Until he met Genevieve.  He needed her help rehabbing his torn hamstring. 

One of my favorite parts of the beginning is where Trent gives Genevieve a nickname within moments of meeting her for the first time.

"I think I'd like that very much, gumdrop." ~ Trent

"Gumdrop?" ~Genevieve

"Your lips are pretty and pink and look as sweet as candy.  Reminds me of a pink sugarcoated cherry gumdrop.  My favorite." ~Trent

I'm a sucker for nicknames.  One of my cousins calls me, "BAM!" because of the size of my butt.  I've been called, "Bubbles" by my guys for the same reason.  I think it's a sign of a clever mind when a guy puts thought into a nickname for his woman instead of just calling her, "babe" or "honey".

Genevieve had no trouble finding Trent attractive, but she had herself firmly rooted in reality.  She knew his reputation of "wham, bam, thank you ma'am", and with her responsibilities, she couldn't afford to have Trent be the wrench that throws her life off kilter.  Being the sole provider for her brother, sister, Genevieve had to maintain her focus.  Though she couldn't deny the level of hotness that Trent exuded, she maintained her professionalism, focused on how he was handling the yoga poses, and gave him credit for doing his best with his limitations.  I found this particularly telling about Genevieve's character as a person.  While many of us proclaim that we'd have no problem being as professional if we were in her position, I believe that some of us might be lying to ourselves.  Sometimes passion and attraction are just too strong to deny.

It was a very revealing story of how one resistant woman and one determined man can overcome their obvious differences and live in bliss.  One line in particular just made my heart sigh with contentment.  It was after Genevieve took Trent through guided meditation and she asked him what color he saw around his body. The color was the chakra that was guiding him.  That was "Muladhara Chakra or the root chakra".  This prompted my favorite line in the entire book:

"It means I'm finally home.  Wherever you are is where I want to lay down my roots." ~Trent 

This story is HOT, HOT, HOT!  There are scenes where you're going to have to put the book or device down before it burns your fingers.  Audrey Carlan is definitely THE author of "Wicked Hot Love Stories"!

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