Jul. 26, 2016

Body (Trinity Trilogy Book One)

Body is the first book in the Trinity Trilogy.  The rest are Mind and Soul.  This is my all-time favorite trilogy.  It does have a darker element that the rest of Audrey Carlan’s books don’t have.    

Gillian Callahan, or Gigi as she is called by her self-made family and friends, is a tall, gorgeous green-eyed redhead with an affinity for tight business suits, hot shoes, and powerful men.  Unfortunately, she is also a woman with a painful past and trying to get past it.  That past actually led her to her career as Contributions Manager for Safe Haven Foundation, which ultimately led her to the love of her life, Chase Davis.

Chase Davis is Superman.  At least Superman incarnate.  He’s tall, built, powerful, and gorgeous.  He’s also a billionaire with his fingers in many pies, including charities.  Safe Haven Foundation is Chase’s foundation.  He created it to help battered and abused women like his mother was.  Men like him are priceless. 

I thoroughly enjoyed how they met.  Naturally, one gazes at the other from a distance in a bar…..then whammo, the sparks fly when they actually meet face-to-face.  The way Audrey (yes, I think of her as Audrey instead of her whole name) describes him, his scent, and his essence, I know that I would have acted like Gigi did.  Men like Chase exude power as easily as breath.  After Gigi gets back to her hotel room after her encounter with Chase, she thinks one phrase that I have thought many times, “Ugh, why can’t I just be normal?”  How many of us have thought that exact phrase when it comes to men?  More than are willing to admit, I’d bet.  I love how Gigi has a best friend that has no problem being straight with her.  I’d enjoy just hearing them communicate.  Maria is a pistol.  She has three other best friends: Bree, Kat, and Phil.  You’ll get to know them as well.

I love how Chase fits Gigi into his life.  I love how Gigi fits Chase into hers.  I don’t want to give too much away in case you haven’t read it yet.  However, the first time they have a chance to have sex…… You have to read it to understand where I’m going with that.  I love Chase.  He is arrogant, controlling, possessive, demanding, yet patient and understanding, and very much in love with Gigi.  My favorite line:

"Gillian, I will always run to you, remember?"



One thing I didn’t care for was how Chase kept reacting to “The Bitch”.  Let’s just say Gigi is not as volatile as I am or as Maria is.  My poor phone and tablet have taken a beating.  Honestly, I think Maria, one of her soul sisters, and I would be the best of friends because she is just as volatile.  LOL.  You’ll continue to enjoy Maria throughout the entire trilogy along with Chase and Gigi. 

It is a fantastic book filled with angst and drama.  It is also a seriously romantic story with exceptional love scenes.  I say “love scenes” because that’s what they are.  Erotic romance is not just about wild banging.  Especially if the erotic romances are written by Audrey, they are so much more. 

Beware, it does end in a cliff-hanger, so I’d suggest getting all three books in the trilogy.

One last note: I want a Chase of my own!  I just want his heart and his body.  That’s all I want. I swear.

I love, love, LOVED Body!  Pick it up and you will see why.  Audrey does the amazing time and time again by providing magnificence!

I hope you enjoy Body as much as I did and continue to do as it is one of my most often re-reads.

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