Jul. 30, 2016

Mind (Trinity Trilogy Book Two)

Mind is the second installation in the Trinity Trilogy, the three-part erotic and suspenseful romance by Audrey Carlan.  I love it so much that I have it on Kindle, paperback (signed), and Audible.  If you haven’t read Body yet, you must read it prior to reading Mind.  As mentioned in my review for Body, the trilogy has a darker element than the rest of Audrey’s books.  It remains my all-time favorite trilogy and is HOT, HOT, HOT!

Mind begins with Gillian “Gigi” Callahan packing up her apartment that she shares with one of her soul sisters, Maria, since she is moving in with Chase Davis as his fiancée.  She finds herself with unwanted fame and irritating embellishments in tabloids.  She also has to deal with a bodyguard that her overprotective fiancée hired for her due to a stalker.  The stalker had sent roses with chilling notes, Gigi’s own lingerie slathered in his semen, then dead roses upon the announcement of her engagement to Chase.  It doesn’t stop there.  The stalker has plans for Gigi, and those plans getting rid of the most important people in her life.  Unfortunately, that’s not all she has to work through. 

Chase Davis is the epitome of a man in love.  His life is packed with mergers, acquisitions, charitable pursuits, and everything else involved in running an empire.  He insisted on fitting Gigi into his life and had no idea that he would not only have to fit her best friends into it as well, but have to do what it takes to ensure the safety of all of them because of the stalker.  The depth of his love for Gigi is evident in the way he moves heaven and earth to protect her and calm her down after she has flashbacks.  Most men would have left her to fend for herself or just let her girlfriends deal with her.  But not Chase.  Every move, every touch, every gesture that he made showed Gigi that he was meant to be the man in her bed, life, and especially her heart through infinity.

My favorite exchange between Gigi and Chase:

"'No man will ever love me the way you do' I whisper the epiphany.

Chase's blue gaze meets mine.  It's probably the most open and honest

I've seen them.  'I was put on this earth to love and protect you.'

'To infinity?'

He blinks slowly and gifts me with his small, secretive smile.  'Yes.  Forever, baby.'

He nudges my nose withhis and kisses me briefly.  It's not a romantic kiss but it's just

as grounding, solidifying our love."

*double sigh*

The POV changes from Gigi to the stalker and back.  When listening to Mind on Audible, chills ran up and down my spine whenever the POV changed to the stalker.  The way he made his plans and detailed his obsession with Gigi gave me goosebumps and I’m not easily creeped out or scared.  He made me want to join Chase’s investigative team so I could find him and throat-punch him, even while I shuddered.  There were several scenes where I was yelling at my Kindle at him.  You know the book is fantastic when you start yelling at the menacing characters and threatening them.

Mind isn’t just about the stalker and how they have to deal with the aftermath of certain events.  One of the many things that I loved about Mind is that the love between Chase and Gigi is enduring, strong, limitless, and intensely passionate.  Their love scenes are packed with love, desire, and are deliciously raunchy.  It is evident that even years down the road, they would remain the same.  They give hope to those of us that consider ourselves damaged or broken.  While life is not a romance novel, or even an erotic romance novel, it allows for the hope that there’s love for everyone.  Audrey, through Mind, has shined a light on my situation with my guy.  Very eye-opening. 

Beware, Mind does end with a heart-dropping cliffhanger.  I suggest having Soul ready by the time you finish Mind. 

I highly recommend Mind and the rest of the Trinity Trilogy.  It is definitely a must-read!  If you enjoy audio thrills, listen to it on Audible!  Go!  Get it now!

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