Aug. 3, 2016

Justice Falling (The Falling Series Book Three)

As expected from Audrey, this novel is HOT, HOT, HOT!  While she’s twisting your heart up, making you cry, and making you bust up in laughter, she’s also raising your blood pressure and making you sigh.  Another excellent novel by Audrey Carlan!

Justice Falling is the third standalone novel in Audrey Carlan’s Falling Series.  I must say that this is my favorite one out of the three.  While it is a standalone, I recommend reading the series from Angel Falling to Justice Falling.  Doing so only makes the enjoyment that much better.  They are all definitely worth the time, I promise.

Justice Falling is the tale of Camille “Cami” Johnston and Nathaniel “Nate” Walker.  Cami is a young, strong, beautiful, and independent woman with a difficult past who is determined to improve her quality of life.  Nate is a handsome, debonair, and successful British lawyer and ladies’ man.  Cami’s naïveté and Nate’s sophistication are a wonderful combination.  Cami brings out the gentle side of Nate and Nate brings out the hidden powerhouse within Cami.  As expected, their story is filled with love and angst.  The best stories are!  There are some hidden gems that I wish I could share here but I don’t want to ruin it.   

About Nate…now I’m am no anglophile.  In fact, when I usually read a book with a British character, I automatically hear Mike Myers’ character, Austin Powers, talking when the character does.  Complete turn off.  However, this time, there was no Austin Powers!  I fell in love with Nate.  From his Alpha male proclivity to his surprising moments of tenderness, Nate had me in the palm of his hand.  My favorite line:

"It's true.  Your innocence, your love of life, of every new's

intoxicating.  I want to drink it whole.  Bathe in it.  Remove my clothes and swim

naked in it.  Letting the goodness wash away all that came before

the moment you entered my life." ~Nate


As for Cami, I love her.  I have had friends like her.  Those friends are the strongest and most loving women that I know.  And she kept making me laugh.  There were parts in the story where I was yelling at her, but I swear it would have been for her own good.  Ultimately, I would have been on the sides cheering for her to get everything she deserves.  She’s a sweetheart who deserves nothing but a beautiful life.

No one pulls at my emotions like Audrey Carlan.  This novel provides yet another proof of that fact.  Get it now!  Get all three of them!

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