Aug. 7, 2016

Soul (Trinity Trilogy Book Three)

Soul by Audrey Carlan is the third and final book in the Trinity Trilogy.  In order to understand everything that is going on, you must start with Body, then Mind, and finally Soul.  As mentioned in the reviews for the first two books, this is my all-time favorite trilogy.  Audrey delivers with this third book!!  It is HOT, HOT, HOT!!

This review is shorter than the others because it is difficult to keep myself from sharing too much and ruining a reader's enjoyment of the book.

Gillian “Gigi” Callahan fell in love her personal Superman, Chase Davis.  While he is a billionaire many times over, Gigi doesn’t see that as a benefit to her.  She actually saw it as a detriment and hindrance.  She’s an independent woman.  She just wants the man.  Chase just wants Gigi.  Their love is storybook, but very real.  Many may think that this kind of love really is only in books, but I for one, know that it’s not true because I have my very own version of Chase.  He doesn’t have money or status or power, but he loves me like Chase loves Gigi.  It’s beautiful.

Soul takes up where Mind left off.  It starts with terror and worry.  I wanted to jump in and help Chase so badly.  I wanted to strangle the stalker with my bare hands!  This book in particular, brings on ALL the feels: joy and elation, terror and worry, love and bliss, sadness and deep sorrow, and anger and frustration.  And it made me sigh with contentment by the end.   There is a surprise, but I refused to ruin it.  Get it now!

My favorite line came from one of Gigi’s soul sisters:

“Oh wow.  Karma got evil on her ass,”



I LOVED Soul.  It was the perfect ending to the Trinity Trilogy.  Audrey Carlan never fails to pull me into her stories.  As with all excellent books, hers ALWAYS give me a hangover.  She gives my emotions a workout and never fails to provide HEA.  This is one of the many reasons I love her.  So get Body, Mind, and Soul today!!  You really won’t regret it!

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