Aug. 10, 2016

Sacred Serenity (Lotus House Book Two)

Audrey Carlan did it again and at an entire different level!  This is definitely a must-read!

Can a sensual Tantric yoga teacher and an innocent and religious college student find forever? Let me put it a different way. Can a sensual Tantric yoga teacher and a college student with a devoutly religious conviction find forever together??  Sacred Serenity by Audrey Carlan is the second book in the amazing Lotus House series.  I have never seen this done before and naturally, it was Audrey that did it.  In this book, you’ll meet Dash Alexander and Amber St. James.  I thought they would be an improbable pairing…until I read it. 

Dash Alexander is the intensely sensual tantric yoga teacher at Lotus House Yoga Center.  He’s tall, built, gorgeous, and lives through touch.  His greetings are often verbal paired with hugs, kisses, or brushes of skin.  He is into carnal pleasures and it’s something that can be seen just by looking at him. 

Amber St. James is a brilliant college student about to start an elite medical school program.  She is the best friend of Genevieve Harper from Resisting Roots (Lotus House Book One) and is her opposite in a few ways.  Amber is tall, scholarly yet naive, and a virgin.  She has a very strong religious conviction that poses a bit of an issue when it comes to relationships with men.

When Amber prods Genevieve to get Dash to allow her to observe his Tantra course, it causes immeasurable confusion due to Amber’s lack of experience.  What I loved about this was learning about tantric yoga, and learning it from not just Dash’s POV, but Amber’s as well.  In spite of how it seems, tantric yoga is not all about sex.  It’s about connecting with your partner on a deeper and more spiritual level. 

Amber is as intensely religious as Dash is intensely sensual.  There were times that I found her to be a little too religious.  I get it, as I went through a similar phase, but it can get a tad irritating.  Dash provides the perfect balance. He’s not pushy.  He’s very calm and easy-going.  He helped me fall in love with Amber and that there was a reason that she is the focus of this particular novel.

I believe that Dash is someone I need in my life.  I need that calmness.  The tantric expertise wouldn’t hurt, either.  *wink*

My favorite line:

“Our love is worth the risk.”


WOW and *sigh*

I always feel very deeply with all of Audrey’s work.  Sacred Serenity was a beautiful surprise.  Don’t get me wrong, it was HOT, like all of her books are, but there was an additional boost of respect, insight, and utter beauty.  I will admit that when I read the excerpt in Resisting Roots, I had no idea how it would work out.  But…Audrey made me fall in love with Amber and Dash.  They made me laugh, cry, and sigh with complete contentment.  Audrey has reached a new level with this book!  Get it now!

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