Sep. 18, 2016

Calendar Girl

Calendar Girl is the amazing 12 book serial by the incomparable Audrey Carlan.  As many know, she is my all-time favorite author.  This serial is what brought me to her world.  Prior to discovering Calendar Girl, I was hooked on a few other authors.  After discovering Audrey Carlan, let’s just say it’s hard for me to read others because her style is astonishingly distinct and sucks my emotions out of me like no other.

Calendar Girl has been translated into 29 languages!  How amazing is that?  My “fave” (Audrey Carlan) is becoming a world traveler because of the magic she put into this serial.  I absolutely love that her character, a great symbol of women’s empowerment, is international!  One quote from an international interview sums up just how good Audrey’s doing, “…the American Audrey Carlan has become a global phenomenon.”  Rockin!!

As mentioned in the description in every listing for Calendar Girl on Amazon, “Mia Saunders needs money.  A lot of money.  She has one year to pay off the loan shark who has threatened her father’s life and is coming after his unpaid gambling debts.  One million dollars to be exact.”  So Mia became a high-priced escort with her aunt’s company.  Twelve clients, twelve months.  She has to be whatever her clients need her to be, but sex is not required.  Should be easy money.

This 12 book serial is amazing.  Yes, it is wicked HOT, but it isn’t what you would think it would be, even at first glance.  I loved Mia.  She is what many women strive to be, whether they admit it or not.  She is independent, willful, intelligent, gorgeous, and down-to-earth.  One thing that I absolutely loved about Mia is that she’s not this “perfect” size zero.  In a society that pushes the belief that the smaller a woman is, the more desirable she is, Mia is a beautiful breath of fresh air.  She’s human and she has faults.  She’s not tiny and meek.  She is opinionated and strong.  She has had immense responsibility thrust upon her.  While she works at a job that she never thought to do, she works to save her father…and ends up saving herself.  Pure beauty.

The February installment is my favorite.  In my humble opinion, it is the most profound for Mia personally.  Mia learns some very valuable lessons with her second client.  This part of her story touched my heart and helped me learn a few things too.  This one book made me cry more than the others.  You have to read it to find out exactly why.

The May installment is the most insanely wickedly HOT one out of the twelve books.  It is my second favorite because it is set in a place where I was born and the male lead is a Pacific Islander like me!  Make sure you have access to a cold shower for this one.  Trust me.

Calendar Girl inspired me in my personal life.  No, not to become an escort (LOL).  Calendar Girl’s tagline, #TrustTheJourney, moved me so much that I now have it tattooed on my right forearm.  Through Mia’s example, I have learned to #TrustTheJourney and to live with an open mind and heart.  I also learned that even though my journey is completely different from Mia’s, the lessons are still the same and that I can become stronger because of them.

Calendar Girl is a MUST READ!  This serial will run you through the ringer.  I experienced joy, laughter, sadness, terror, excitement, and love.  I have reread it countless times because it is that wonderful.  Have you read it yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  You will love Mia just like I do!  In turn, you will love Audrey Carlan too!  Oh and in the iBooks version of December, there is a bonus chapter at the end!!  Serious bonus!!

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