Dec. 26, 2016

Divine Desire

First, a note to the incomparable Audrey Carlan.  Audrey, Audrey, Audrey.  This is seriously your best LH to date.  Seriously.  I LOVED Resisting Roots and Sacred Serenity, but you have reached another level with Divine Desire.  Wowza. 

The first thing I wanted to say was that there was one scene where I threw my phone across the room.  I am not kidding.  Don’t get me wrong.  This is not a bad thing.  Quite the opposite.  I don’t know how Audrey does it, but she makes me completely immerse myself into her novels.  I already knew that this one was going to be so damn hot based on the excerpt in Sacred Serenity.  I completely enjoy how the POV changes from the female to the male.  It doesn’t give me a one-sided story and I can’t begin to explain how impeccably she made this story complete for me.  Okay now my thoughts on the rest of DD.

Mila Mercado is an artist, yoga teacher, best friend, and auntie.  I love Mila.  Really.  What I love about her is not just that she has a fiery temperament.  I love that she’s not perfect.  Meaning that she’s a perfect character.  Let’s see if I can clarify what I mean by that. LOL.  Society pushes the idea that perfection is a tall, thin woman with few curves.  Mila doesn’t have huge boobs, an unrealistically tiny waist, and minimal curves.  As a woman with many physical imperfections, it’s a relief to read about a woman who isn’t physically perfect.  Honestly, that’s how I saw Vivvie from Resisting Roots (I still love Vivvie by the way).  I mean, I know Vivvie isn’t tall, but she’s otherwise physically perfect with luscious curves and straight blonde hair.  Mila, however, is just as tiny but toned with wildly curly hair, and has a bubble butt.  As a woman with curly hair and a butt that attracts way too much attention, I could relate to those aspects.  The way Atlas is always gripping one of her cheeks, it reminded me of my mandingo a little too vividly.  Mila’s attributes allow readers to find things that they can relate to.  As for her relationship with her mother, I find it hard to understand.  Coming from a very tight family, I don’t understand how an essential relationship like the one between a mother and daughter can be so distant.  I mean, I understand the situation they found themselves in through no fault of their own, but her mother abandoned her.  Just like her father did.  I want to throat punch both of them.  Though it did make Mila the way she was, it’s hard to not want to be violent towards them.  The way Mila handled “romantic relationships” was understandable.  How understandable?  I was like her after a certain point in my life.  There are many women who are like her though they won’t admit it.  There’s nothing wrong with sexual freedom if it is what they want and are honest about it.  As for her passion for her art, I loved that!  Her struggle was honest, especially with her fear of failure and rejection, even with the amazing support system she had in Moe.  Moe is the quintessential flawless best friend.  Her exceptional use of reason and guilt to get Mila to do things was utter perfection.  I look forward to reading her story.

My view of Atlas Powers, artist, yoga teacher, best friend, is……still on the fence.  The problem with that is that he reminds me of a certain ex-boyfriend.  Physically and behaviorally.  A little too much.  Knowing that problem, I made sure that I did my best to keep my mind and heart open.  I enjoyed how honest he was about what he wanted with Mila.  It impressed me how much control he used, especially the first night he posed for Mila.  I fully expected him to tackle her or sweep her into bed.  I enjoyed how it wasn’t always about sex though when it was, it was supremely hot.  His songs……really make me wish I could hear him sing them.  I loved, loved, loved that last song!  Some people would expect it from a man who writes and sings, but it’s not a given, even for those that are passionate about their music.  I’d think that depends on the artist and their focus, especially when they are fighting to keep from giving up professionally.  His devotion to his father is amazing.  It takes considerable strength of character to hold onto something from someone that abandoned you.  There was a little, tiny hint of the boy that loved his father and never understood what had happened.  It was such a deep trait that pushed him to do what he did to Mila.  I wanted to knock him out each time, but I could see the pattern and why he did so.  His cluelessness about dating was funny, but what he came up with was amazing!

Naked yoga.  Very intriguing.  As someone who is still very new to yoga, it’s fascinating.  But, based on what I’ve learned from Audrey through Resisting Roots, Sacred Serenity, and now Divine Desire, I can see how this concept would be an essential class for yogis.  The purest of experiences during their practice.  I love it!

I loved the way Mila and Atlas fight.  For some people, when they fall in love with each other, that part tends to go away for long periods or even goes away completely.  I LOVE that it didn’t happen that way for Mila and Atlas.  I can just see them fighting all the way into old age and surrounded by kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and the rest of the family they created.

One last thought, when Atlas left Mila, I fully expected her to use her fiery attitude to cut him out of her life.  It was an exceptional surprise when it showed that it was her tender and abused heart that led her to accepting him back.  She taught me to refrain from punching first and just allow myself to feel what I needed to and let things happen.

Audrey Carlan, as usual, you rocked my world with another incomparable novel!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!

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