Aug. 22, 2017

Fate (Trinity Series Book Five)

Fate is so much more than an entertaining novel.  It is a wild ride full of so many things like sorrow, laughter, love, lust, heart-in-the-throat shock, fear, joy, rage, gratitude, wild grins, wicked HOTness, and unbelievable beauty.  I have never had a story reach so far into my heart and soul that I’m forever changed.

In my opinion, this is Ms. Carlan’s best work to date!  This was the conclusion that Trinity fans needed and the wild ride that many fans and readers enjoy! 

This is a story of a woman burned by terror, life, fate, and herself, and the effect it all had on her family and the man she loves.  Often, we hear about how the decisions we make affect those around us.  Kat and Carson’s story is a perfect example.  There’s so much to this story and I don’t want to spoil it, so here is what I felt and learned:

We can try our best to control our lives and what happens in it, but Fate will always have its way.  When it comes to love, denying what your heart wants won’t just hurt you.  It hurts the person you love and everyone else that loves you, too.  Sometimes, we hold our fears and sorrows deep inside and think that no one can see it.  The problem is, that’s when those that love us get hurt because we’re not relying on that bond and trusting them to be the people that we love.  If you have already read Fate, you know exactly what I mean in this instance. 

One more thing that I learned from Fate is that we need to love ourselves and see ourselves through others’ eyes and hearts.  That’s when we see the truth.


Thank you Audrey for such an epic experience!


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