Nov. 14, 2017

Limitless Love (Lotus House Book 4)


Limitless Love is book 4 in the Lotus House series. 

You do not have to have read any of the Lotus House books prior to reading this one but we think they are better read in order.



I’m a good person. At least I try to be. After my husband left me, I picked up the pieces of my broken heart and tried to move on. One shattered piece at a time. Just when I thought things were looking up, that I had suffered enough at the hands of fate, my past came back with nothing to lose and a blade that cut…deep. Figuratively and physically scarred, I had nothing left to hold on to. That’s when Clayton Hart entered my world. With his blue eyes, spikey blond hair, and a body packed with muscles, I never stood a chance. Clayton pushed his way into my life, my bed, and my heart, proving that only the truest love can be limitless.





Tracey’s Review:

"Don't tease me with the prospect of Heaven, beautiful, it's just cruel."

~Clayton Hart ️

Audrey Carlan has this flawless way with words that make her characters come to life in such a perfect way that you swear they truly exist. This story is an absolutely yummy page turner and the title is perfect. It is my new favorite in the series even though it can be read as a standalone. Clay is scrumptious and my new book boyfriend. Monet is bodacious and strong with a little girl that makes my heart sing. These two people have been through hell and back in different ways, but are fierce and protective of the ones they love. The twist and turns are thrilling and suspenseful and oh so perfect.  Clayton and Monet will weave their way into your heart and never leave because their love is limitless. 

Ceej’s Review:

Limitless Love is a book that has burrowed into my heart and planted the seeds of hope.  

Monet Holland is a strong woman who was struck down in such a horrible way that sometimes even the strongest cannot withstand.  However, she got up, fought, and showed, without trying, that she is a powerhouse.  Her support system consisted of her family of her heart, and the man who refused to let go.

Clayton Hart is a strong man, both physically and emotionally.  His past would have made any man give up.  Yet, when a friend of his best friend needed help in the most unexpected way possible, Clay showed up.  He not only showed up, but he took hold and never let go.

I always find myself learning valuable lessons from Ms. Carlan's work.  In Limitless Love, I not only learned that not only is true love limitless, but it's the most powerful thing in the world and the most beautiful gift one can receive.  But it's not only romantic love.  It's the love of and for friends, the family of the heart.  This is what rings so clearly throughout this book.  This story isn't just about Monet and Clay falling in love, though I still get chills thinking about it, but about how all of the different types of love can change lives, even through horror.  However, even as Monet drew from this well of love, watching her fall for Clay squeezed my heart.  Watching Clay fall for Monet and Lily made me cry.  I'm a sucker for an alpha male who falls for a woman and her child.

Though I love Clay and Monet, I adore Lily!  She made me laugh so hard even as this book made me cry.  Why?  You have to read it to find out!

Limitless Love is filled with pain and comfort, sadness and joy, laughter and tears, lust and love, and of course, wicked hotness!  Ms. Carlan puts forth yet another beautiful novel and we can’t wait for more from her!


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