Apr. 3, 2018

Silent Sins (Lotus House Book 5)

Silent Sins (Lotus House Book 5) by Audrey Carlan is captivating, full of love and pain, joy and sorrow, and wicked HOTNESS!

My name is Honor, but I have none to speak of. I’m a high-society princess on the verge of ending it all. I have nothing to show for my life, though my bank account would say otherwise. Money and status has controlled every ounce of my world and I want no part of it. It’s what took away the most important person in my life. He’s gone and I’m alone, and no one is here to save me. Pain is the only pleasure I can feel anymore.
To find a healthier avenue to deal with my grief, I turned to Lotus House Yoga for salvation—and found it in the tall, dark, and brutally attractive Nicholas Salerno. He’s everything I’m not. Lives every day to the fullest, loves his family, and goes after what he wants with a thrust that’s unmatched. I can’t help but be swept up in his beauty as he attempts to show me the light and reawaken my desires. Except Nick doesn’t know what I’ve hidden, and I’m afraid he’ll despise what he finds…when my sins are no longer silent.
Tracey's Review:
This story about Nick, the Italian Stallion, and Honor the broken rich girl will change you. It is not what you think and that makes this book even more special. Your mind and heart will go through a roller coaster ride as these two experience trama, loss, desperation, loneliness, intense pain, forgiveness, acceptance, joy, and unconditional love.
Audrey Carlan has captured the essence of two people who are broken halves that make each other whole. This is a captivating journey of learning to love yourself and your life with someone else through the sins you think will devour and destroy you. Audrey, this is a gut wrenching, exquisite and soulful story that exudes passion from beginning to breathtaking end!
Ceej's Review:
Silent Sins is a novel that's full of love, sorrow, joy, wicked HOTNESS. grins, belly laughs, healing, and wisdom. As can always be found in Audrey Carlan's work, the emotions reach out and grab your heart and teach intense lessons. I felt each emotion and learned from each lesson. This novel moved me so much that I have a quote from it tattooed in a very poignant place.
Honor...I just wanted to wrap my arms around her and help her find her peace even if I needed to help her toward wanting to find it. My heart hurt for her so badly, not just for her foremost reason for her sorrow, but for the life she was forced to live. Admittedly, there is one person I would love to throat punch on her behalf, to make her hurt as much as she hurt Honor. Then on a wonderful note. it was beautiful to watch Honor blossom and become the woman she was underneath all the pain.
Nick...I absolutely loved him! He was so much more than a sinfully hot boxer and yogi, or even a son who loves his family. He's a man working on his own pain. His fixation on Honor made me grin so widely, though! What made me love him so much was not just because he's a hot-blooded Italian Stallion, but his motive for being with Honor was to help her heal as well as let her heal him. It's really a thing of beauty.
Could I love Silent Sins more than I do now? Not possible. It hit me harder than I had expected, to the point that I found myself with tears on my face and an ache in my heart. I found so many things in common with both Honor and Nick. I needed them to heal and be happy. And did Audrey deliver? She always does and I am very grateful.
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