Jun. 26, 2018

Enlightened End (Lotus House Book 7)

Enlightened End (Lotus House Book 7) by the incomparable Audrey Carlan is the PERFECT end to such a beautiful series!


My world ended the day I received an eviction notice for Lotus House Yoga. Teaching yoga is all I’ve ever known. I’ve been doing tree pose since the age of two. The studio is my home, my legacy. My mother and her best friend left Lotus House to me so that I could carry on spreading goodness and light to everyone who enters our door. Now I’m faced with the very real possibility that it will all go up in smoke…unless I can convince Grant Winters—the most ridiculously handsome and arrogant businessman I’ve ever met—to save not only my business but all those around it.

When I stormed into Grant’s office to beg and plead for a second chance at preserving what my family spent decades building, I had no idea how it would change my life.

A deal was made.

He’d visit the businesses he was planning to destroy and attend classes at Lotus House while I worked to change his mind. In exchange, I had to enter his business-first world of luxury, fast-talking men, and surgically enhanced women.

Turns out, I didn’t fit in... Then again, neither did he.

In the end, we were both enlightened.

Ceej’s Review:

Enlightened End is the PERFECT end to this gorgeously sensual, sexual, and spiritual series! I’m the kind of person who loves the “cameos” from characters in previous books in the series, and Audrey Carlan did NOT let me down.  It’s so much fun to see the growth and differences in each of them.

I adored Luna.  She’s the kind of person everyone needs to have in their life.  She’s just so full of goodness, love, and light.  She’s not perfect, but she’s amazing.  And how much fun would it be to have a friend who looks and sounds like a fairy princess?

I enjoyed Grant very much.  At first, he just made me smirk.  Then the more time he spent with Luna and began to change how he does and views things, the more my enjoyment evolved into love.  I love people who allow themselves to change.  And the twist in this story?  I feel it rounded Grant out.  And his reactions brought tears to my eyes and made me love him even more.

 It makes me sad that this is the end of the series.  I love and adore the Lotus House family and will be constantly revisiting them, but part of me wants more.  I can’t help it, I’m greedy!  Audrey, thank you for yet another beautiful story.

Tracey’s Review:

Audrey Carlan is a fantastic story teller and this masterpiece is no exception. This story takes you on a journey that isn’t easy due to unfortunate circumstances, but it is filled with so much love and fire, you can’t stop turning the pages. I didn’t want this book to end.

Luna and Grant bring the perfect combination of sexy and sweet while bringing on the heat. Catching up with other members of Lotus House made my heart full and made me grin from ear to ear. They are each so special and they consume your heart and don’t let go.

Audrey has this way of weaving these characters into your heart and soul like you are living and breathing right there with them.

Their pain is your pain. Their joy is your joy. Their love is your love. You feel every moment like you are enclosed in this amazing circle of people that you want to hold onto for the rest of your life.

Audrey Carlan this is exactly the ending I needed for this magnificent series. This unique, amazing storyline for all seven books couldn’t have been told by anyone but you because of the way your passion exploded off of every page. Thank you for laughter and the tears and for opening my eyes to a whole other world I never knew. This story and this entire series changes you for the better and you don’t even know how much you needed it until it’s coming to an Enlightened End.

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