Jul. 10, 2018

International Guy: Volume 1 Paris, New York, Copenhagen

International Guy: Volume 1 Paris, New York, Copenhagen by Audrey Carlan an EPIC start to a serial that combines realistic emotions and needs with extraordinary situations, and naturally, it comes from the wicked talented Audrey Carlan.


This volume includes the first, second, and third International Guy novellas from #1 New York Times bestselling author Audrey Carlan.

My name is Parker Ellis. You can call me The Dream Maker. This is where my story begins.

There’s a world of women waiting for me, but my journey starts here, in three cities: Paris. New York. Copenhagen.

International Guy Inc. is owned and operated by Parker Ellis, a ladies’ man with a high IQ and a big libido. He’s the most successful life and love coach in the world, and he’s smart enough to know he can’t run a multimillion-dollar company alone.

He hires two friends whose areas of expertise complement his own. They comprise The Dream Maker, The Love Maker, and The Money Maker. Together, they advise the wealthiest people in the world: Hollywood hotshots, European royalty, and the CEOs of multibillion-dollar companies. And sometimes they can’t help it when things heat up and they end up in bed with their clients. Quite literally.

This International Guy likes his playboy lifestyle, and he’s not looking for commitment. After all, there’s a whole world waiting for him. But as he goes from city to city, and from woman to woman, it’s possible that he just might find his own love along the way…

Tracey’s Review:

Audrey Carlan is heating things up with her new series. Three hot men...The Dreamer, the Money Maker, and the Lover run a business helping you with your every want, need, or desire. These best friends have something special that they share with the world.

In Paris, they help their client Sophie in and out of the boardroom. This story is wicked hot, sexy and sweet. The commentary between the men will have you laughing your head off. Everyone needs to read this funny, friendly, and inspiring story to find out why all firsts should end with a kiss.

Parker has met his match with Skyler Freakin Page in New York. The Hollywood A-list actress that is down for the count. Why is this "It girl" losing her love of the limelight? Where did it all go wrong? In a story that you may think would be unrelatable, it is anything but. Everyone has loves, fears, dreams and heartaches as they go through this crazy thing called life. This is a whirlwind of all that and so much more. You will find out Hollywood is a gamble of love and laughter, but do people really get a happily ever after?

What is it like to be a princess? Well you find out in Copenhagen when you meet a princess.

Doesn't every girl want to meet her prince? Is royalty overrated? You will find out the answers to these questions and so much more. What if the fairytale isn't like what you grew up believing?? Your heart and who you actually love should out way obligation right? Maybe being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

I can’t wait to keep reading this series and going city to city with these amazing friends! This is going to be a wicked hot summer with all this yummy goodness! I couldn’t stop turning the pages! I would give this 10 stars if I could. Audrey has really out done herself with this sizzling new series!

Ceej’s Review:

International Guy Volume 1: Paris, New York, Copenhagen is an EPIC start to a serial that combines realistic emotions and needs with extraordinary situations, and naturally, it comes from the wicked talented Audrey Carlan.

Parker Ellis…fits his title of Dream Maker, and it’s not just because of his prowess in the bedroom.  He truly sees what a woman needs, and in these cases, his female clients.  It’s as if he knows the women better than they do.  They all come out of the experience with enlightened knowledge of themselves, even Parker, himself.  He doesn’t go into each case with set plans.  His mind is open to possibilities and this virtue benefits all his clients and the people around them.  I’d love to have someone like Parker, even as a friend, although during football season, we won’t be able to be friends. LOL.  In Paris, he helped a perfume heiress bloom.  He did not give her anything she didn’t already have, but the way he did it, it shows just why his title fits.  In New York, his dreams come true while he works to save the heart and sanity of Hollywood’s hottest starlet.  In Copenhagen, he works with European royalty to open eyes and hearts.

Bogart Montgomery…one of his chosen brothers, is quite the character.  He’s wicked smart and intuitive, and he’s the joker of the trio.  What else will make you laugh about him?  You have to read it to find out.  I will say though, he made me grin, chuckle, and roll my eyes as he assisted in Paris, New York, and Copenhagen.

Royce Sterling…Parker’s other chosen brother, is MINE.  LOL.  Everything about this man, from his panty-melting physical characteristics to his protectiveness makes me want to grab him and hold on for dear life.  Amongst the three of them, he’s the serious suit-clad brother who works the financial side of the Paris client’s needs while Parker and Bogart finish their jobs there and move on to New York and Copenhagen.

I cannot wait to see what else is in store for the International Guy team, especially with their genius addition!  I loved every single moment in all three books!


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