Jul. 24, 2018

International Guy: Milan (International Guy Series Book 4)

International Guy: Milan (International Guy Series Book 4) by Audrey Carlan wicked HOT (as can always be expected from Audrey Carlan), moving, inspiring, touching, and completely epic!


The fourth book in the steamy International Guy Series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Audrey Carlan.

Milan, Italy. Where fashion rules, these twelve models are getting schooled in the sweet arts of sensuality and seduction.

With intimate pictures of me and starlet Skyler Paige igniting a tabloid sexstorm, the gig in Milan is perfectly timed. I need a distraction. And what a distraction: a dozen gorgeous Italian lingerie models—every one of them a mouthwatering temptation…

The problem? These aren’t professionals. They’re real women—soft, lush, and inexperienced. They need International Guy to show them how to embrace their sexy on the runway.

With my personal life challenges and just a week to empower each one, I’m not on my game. All I can think about is Skyler. Her voice. Her body. Her taste. I swore I’d never settle down. With so many women in so many cities, can I really consider taking myself off the market for just one woman?

Ceej’s Review:

Milan is my favorite International Guy installment so far!  Not only does Parker and Sky make a big decision, but the message the guys teach their client is important to all women.  It’s not only wicked hot, but it’s very moving and encouraging.

Park and Sky made me so happy!  They make such a sizzlingly hot couple and the beauty of it is that it’s not just about sex.  There is so much more than that.  It’s so much fun witnessing their chemistry and the depth of their affection for each other.  And when their relationship is tested, my heart started pounding harder!  Gah I love them both so much!

The Dream Maker and Lovemaker tag-teaming the process of coaching normal women to embrace their sexy?  Utter perfection.  And Park’s first idea?  It was inspired.  And hilarious as it pertains to Bo’s reaction.  I loved that part!  Then Park’s idea for the catwalk/stage?  Maybe I’m a softie, but that really touched my heart and soul as a woman, especially a woman who has the same or similar esteem issue as some of the models.

I don’t believe I could love Milan any more than I already do!  It was wicked HOT as can always be expected from Audrey Carlan, moving, inspiring, touching, and completely epic!  I cannot wait to see what else we get to enjoy!  Audrey Carlan rocks serials like no one else!

Tracey’s Review:

Audrey Carlan brings beauty in all shapes and sizes to center stage in this book. I adore this installment so much. Every woman should feel beautiful in their own skin and love themselves for who they are and the guys provide support and motivation for them to realize this. Every woman should know their worth and Audrey shows this in such a passionate as well as sexy way.

I love Parker and Sky’s relationship so much. The support and compassion they have for one another is just as spectacular as the love and extremely hot sex that they share. They make me giddy and I didn’t even want Parker and Sky to be a couple when they first started out in this series. Thank God they have this mind blowing attraction to one another that starts to rock them so internally because they relationship is tested right from the start. You will root for them just like Audrey’s other amazing couples as you also may have a tizzy or two.

My man Bo makes me laugh and appreciate him even more in this installment and you need to read it to understand why! The men make my heart explode as Ms. Carlan tackles self esteem issues in such an inspiring and breathtaking way. I battle with body image and society’s expectations, as well as so many other women do so, I was really pulled deep into this story.

Audrey this book touched me in ways I’m not even sure I could explain enough to show its power and motivation. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This story is captivating, encouraging, awe-inspiring and incredible and that is all because of the power behind your words, Audrey Carlan, and proves once again why you a #1 NYT best selling author!

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