Aug. 7, 2018

Ceej's Review of International Guy: San Francisco (International Guy Series Book 5)

International Guy: San Francisco by Audrey Carlan is a shocking and amazing installment!!


From Audrey Carlan, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Calendar Girl series.

San Francisco, California. Steam is rising fast in the City by the Bay.

I’ve been hired to find a love match for a stunning, powerful, and lonely CEO. She’s through with being mined by gold diggers who only want her money and her body. She’s looking for love.

Imagine my surprise when my business partner Royce offers himself up on a silver platter, a move that could ruin everything we’ve built—our friendship, International Guy’s reputation—and even Royce’s heart.

The thing is…he’s all wrong for her, and I know it. Royce wants to settle down, but this client is most certainly not that kind of woman.

I decide to let things play out. A man has to learn his own truths—just because you want something doesn’t mean you can have it.

Ceej’s Review:

I love all Audrey Carlan’s work and this is no exception.  IG San Francisco is a shocking and amazing installment that had me wincing and chuckling, grinning and face-palming, squealing in delight and wanting to throw my kindle into the wall (for two separate reasons).  Audrey never fails to take me on that damn emotional rollercoaster!

Let me make one thing clear.  Royce.  Is.  Mine.  A certain trick needs to step off.  Well, that last part is no longer a worry, but holy hell, I was so mad I threw my Kindle.

I admit that I actually enjoyed watching Park battle being stuck between what he feels and knows is right and trying to let his brother “learn his own truths”.  I enjoyed it simply because I wasn’t in his place.  Park deserves serious props for the immense love and protectiveness he has for his brother.  Honestly, I kept waiting for one of them to completely lose their mind.  And in true Audrey fashion, she showed what real, grown brothers do.  Gah I loved it!

Audrey Carlan never fails to provide incredible scenarios and characters who are full of life and many different angles.  And what she gives them at the end of each installment?  *sigh*  Now onto the next one, please!

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