Aug. 21, 2018

International Guy: Montreal (International Guy Book 6)

International Guy: Montreal (International Guy Book 6) by Audrey Carlan is a rollercoaster of heartache, temptation, shock, grief, wicked HOTness, and a love that cannot be denied!


Montreal, Canada—where the summers can get a little sticky.

I should have known better. Never fall, Parker. Now I’m getting as far away from my personal problems as I can. Back to business. Except it’s hard to focus on anything but the prospect of a good time with my new client. She’s a corporate genius with bangin’ curves, endlessly long legs, and pouty pink lips begging for my…services.

Someone’s been stealing and selling her trade secrets and only International Guy can help her. How can I say no to such a tempting plea?

Only she’s inviting more than intrigue. Now that she’s got a tight hold on me, she could be leading the way into all kinds of trouble. I’m not afraid. I think it might be fun to drown my sorrows in the arms of a smokin’ hot blonde.

Ceej’s Review:

    International Guy: Montreal is a rollercoaster of heartache, temptation, shock, grief, wicked HOTness, and a love that cannot be denied!

What a book!  Audrey took me on a ride that had me yelling at my Kindle, throwing my Kindle (then rushing to pick it up and hope I didn’t break it), putting it down so I could stop the tears that flowed down my cheeks, then holding it to my chest with hope.

The disbelief was incredible.  I don’t know if I’ve cussed more at Audrey in this book than any other, I swear.  The ongoing chant in my head was, “you better fix this $#!+ Audrey!”  There’s so much I want to say, but it would spoil it, but let me just say that I didn’t blame Parker one bit for his instinctive reaction.  Then again, I can’t really blame Skyler as I probably would have done the same thing.  And as for Alexis?  She’s a trick.  That’s all I’ll say about her.  Then the last two and a half chapters had me in tears that would not stop.  Audrey, I adore your work, but you need to stop with the &@#% book hangovers even though I love it!

Tracey's Review:

Audrey is shaking things up in Montreal and your heart may skip a few beats. Parker and Sky are at a crossroads and trouble and trust don't go hand in hand. Wendy goes undercover to help the guys with their new client and all hell breaks loose. Shots are flying all over the place. Ms. Carlan finds this fantastic balance between love, grief, and shock value that has you on the edge on your seat and you won’t put this book down.

My emotions could not be contained and I might have freaked out just a bit or a lot as Audrey took me on a wild ride and basically made me lose my s$$$. Miss Angsty might enjoy getting your tears in this one because she definitely got mine. This book takes wicked hot to a whole other level and will impact you more than you know as you hold your breath wondering will everyone make it out alive or are we going to be heartbroken?

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