Nov. 13, 2018

International Guy: London, Berlin, Washington, DC (International Guy Volume 3)

International Guy: London, Berlin, Washington, DC (International Guy Volume 3) by Audrey Carlan wrings out all the feels, makes you wish for a freezing cold shower, makes your mind whirl with possibilities, and gives your heart exactly what it needs!


Life has never been sweeter. I’m head over heels in love with the woman of my dreams, Skyler Paige. We’ve worked out the kinks of our pasts, and all I want is to start building our future together. But duty calls and International Guy is on our way to London, Berlin, and Washington, DC. Our entire team is about to be tested in ways we never imagined—but I know for sure, no matter how bad things look, there’s no team I’d rather be on…

International Guy Inc. is owned and operated by Parker Ellis, a ladies’ man with a high IQ and a big libido. He’s the most successful life and love coach in the world, and he’s smart enough to know he can’t run a multimillion-dollar company alone.

He hires two friends whose areas of expertise complement his own. They comprise The Dream Maker, The Love Maker, and The Money Maker. Together, they advise the wealthiest people in the world: Hollywood hotshots, European royalty, and the CEOs of multibillion-dollar companies. And sometimes they can’t help it when things heat up and they end up in bed with their clients. Quite literally.

This International Guy likes his playboy lifestyle, and he’s not looking for commitment. After all, there’s a whole world waiting for him. But as he goes from city to city, and from woman to woman, it’s possible that he just might find his own love along the way…

This volume includes the seventh, eighth, and ninth International Guy novellas.

Ceej’s Review:

Audrey Carlan wrings out all the feels, makes you wish for a freezing cold shower, and gives your heart exactly what it needs!  And London is no different; it is also the answer we’ve all be waiting for.   As always, she has a lesson or a learning opportunity for her readers.  I was not only very invested in Sky and Park, the IG Team (including Rachel and Nate), but in what I felt, learned, and how I grew from what I believed she was trying to teach me as a reader.  But that’s my experience.  In my opinion, the message for this installment is to have faith.  Faith in others as well as in oneself, and not to let outside opinions or actions shake the foundation of it.

Berlin just may be my favorite of this series so far!  It has it all, from Audrey-level wicked hotness to memory- and love-induced aches, to giggles and belly laughs, to pride and excitement, to outrage and anger, to total surprise and shock, and finally familial comfort. There’s just so much that I love in this book!  The ache I felt in hearing about Wendy made me just want to fix it all for her.  But then later, I was out-and-out cheering for her!  What we find out about Mick and Wendy brings out all the feels as I relate to them more than others.  Wowza.  Then there was a moment that I kept rewinding in the Audible version just so I can keep laughing.  The tagline for this project is so amazing!  I absolutely loved it and the scene where it becomes actualized is yummy!

Washington, DC is an amazing installment that shows a taste of the wickedly wild imagination of Audrey Carlan!  It’s rife with laughter, suspicion, surprise, and of course, the level of hotness I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy from her.  Sky’s beginning chapter had me snort laughing!  I love her relationship with Rach and Nate.  It really shows they’re not just bodyguards to her.  And gah!  Sky’s reaction to Park just walking toward her?  I want that!  It’s a beautiful thing and it’s not just lust-inspired.  The addition of Kendra…right now, I’m on the fence but I’m about 75% more on the side of not liking her, but that’s just because of her past with MY man Roy.  Otherwise, she’s intelligent, savvy, gorgeous, and has a sense of humor that fits right with the IG team.  Now this case…I don’t know if the other cases had hit my heart as hard as well as made me as sick.  Now, I’m not talking about how it particularly affected IG, it was the case, itself.  At the end of the book, I was cheering IG on!  All the threats and dirty deals and just icky feel from the client made the outcome all the more perfect!

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