Dec. 11, 2018

Madrid (International Guy Series, Book Ten)

Madrid (International Guy Series, Book Ten) continues the wicked emotional rollercoaster that Audrey Carlan is an expert on!


From Audrey Carlan, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Calendar Girl series.

Madrid—a sultry city alive with music, color, seductive sights, and a young woman with a dream…

In gorgeous Madrid, stars can be made, or stars can be born. Juliet Jimenez was born talented, with beautiful curves and a voice gifted from the heavens. With Juliet being so young and impressionable, I call in my best girl to help craft this Spanish sweetheart into a worldwide phenomenon. With Skyler’s unique, earthy approach, Bo’s special gift with a style makeover, and my confidence-building mojo, we’re going to have Juliet finding herself a future chart-topping music artist.

All we have to do is make her believe in herself. Ignore the scars marring her precious face and embrace her natural grace and showstopping effervescence. With International Guy, we’re capable of taking on any task.

Bringing Skyler along also gives my team and the authorities time to hunt down the person sending threatening messages. Unfortunately, it also puts our relationship in the spotlight. The paparazzi take some damaging photos that could hurt not only my girl but International Guy’s reputation. Big-time.

In the end, it’s not the paparazzi or the messages that leave us running back to the US. It’s a far more dangerous problem none of us prepared for…

Ceej’s Review:

Madrid continues the wicked emotional rollercoaster that Audrey Carlan is an expert on.  This book takes us from that initial grin to irritation to wowza to outrage to so many others, including shock, panic, and tears!

First off, I do not like Tracey.  Earlier in the series, she irritated me.  Now, I’d like to put her in a headlock and twist.  HARD.   I mean, who does what she did???  I’m…just…aaarrrghhh!!!  I just can’t.

Moving on before I spoil it more…Juliet…what a sweetheart!  I just want to hug her and lift her spirits and join the team in uncovering the beautiful light she keeps hidden.  There were moments where I felt such pride in the growth she showed in such a short amount of time.  And pride in the team!  They are worth the time and expense the clients spend, because they do such amazing work and I love every second!

I loved the SkyPark day in Madrid!  And holy hotness, Audrey!  That dinner!  Whew!  Then the end of the book…I can’t and don’t want to spoil it, but…what a way to make my heart race, make me cuss at you through my Kindle, and make tears fill my eyes.  Why do you make me love your characters?!?!?!?!

I love Madrid, I really do.  But ugghhh!!!!

Tracey’s Review:

Audrey Carlan broke me in this explosive installment by throwing me for more than one loop I did not see coming. Betrayal by one of the most important people in a person’s life can tilt their whole world upside down possibly to never be righted again. A tidal wave came and blew my mind and crushed my heart. Ms. Carlan knows how to twist you up inside like nobody’s business and this installment is the start of psycho town where you will say, “what just happened?” You might cuss in your head or yell out loud or freak out. Oh wait that was me. Plus, if you don’t like dogs, we can’t be friends.

On a lighter note, Skyler comes with Parker to help with a case and it couldn’t be more beautiful. Sky was so nurturing and sweet and she will make a fantastic mom one day.

Helping young women love themselves and know their worth is so important. Audrey was spot on with this installment. Chasing your dreams and never giving up so you can achieve them plays out so exciting in Madrid. Parker and Sky make even more plans for forever and I am giddy about it. Bo made me bust a gut in this installment as someone gave him a run for his money and his commentary was infectious. Plus the sexy, hot scenes that Audrey is known for are on fire in more ways than one. I have come to enjoy the mantras in this series and this one, Never Stop Dreaming, is spectacular.

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