Feb. 5, 2019

Los Angeles (International Guy Book 12) ~ Tracey's Review

Los Angeles (International Guy Book 12) by Audrey Carlan is a finale all the feels and had my heart bursting with joy!


Los Angeles, USA: When it comes to making fantasies come true, there’s no better destination than Hollywood.

After surviving hell on earth, the real healing begins. I’ve never been happier or more content in my life. With my dream girl by my side, I can do anything. The future has never been brighter.

A case takes me to Los Angeles, California, to participate in a new television dating program. I’m only supposed to consult on life, love, and dating. The plan was never to meet Skyler’s celebrity look-alike or to make an appearance on the show itself.

This was supposed to be a quick trip. Fly in for a few days, fly out. Do the job and make it back to my woman, who’s dealing with the aftermath of her trauma all alone.

How did I get roped into all this? And what’s Skyler going to think when she sees me on television as a contestant?

Tracey’s Review:

Audrey Carlan finished this phenomenal series with all the feels and had my heart bursting with joy. I loved these characters so much and am sad to see the series end. They truly were family in every sense of the word and I felt like I knew them in real life. I could be best friends with Sky, Wendy and Rachel. Everyone knows I have a huge crush on my smoking hot book boyfriend, Bo. But let’s be real, Parker and Royce are easy to love and hard to forget. I will miss their crazy adventures.

The mantras throughout the cities were fantastic and spot on and AC did not let me down with her final mirror moment. I was so giddy and grinning from ear to ear. In every story Ms. Carlan writes I find something I learn and it reminds me of my worth. I appreciate that more than she will ever know. She delivers happily ever afters that are exceptional and make you feel like you won the lotto over and over again and this ending is amazing.  International Guy is a sexy, thrilling ride that makes women feel empowered, beautiful and loved for exactly who they are, they just needed reminding or a push in the right direction.

IG fills your mind, heart and soul with hope, admiration, desire, and faith. These mantras will travel with me to remind me what’s actually important in my everyday life. Don’t forget to Live Your Truth, Own Your Future, Embrace Your Sexy, Trust Your Heart, Feed Your Soul, Brave the Ride and Never Stop Dreaming and you will be happier than you can imagine in this crazy world. You are golden Ms. Carlan. Thank you, Audrey for this unique, show-stopping, magnificent, and panty melting series that will nestle deep in my heart for years to come. ♥️

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