Feb. 5, 2019

Los Angeles (International Guy Book 12) ~ Ceej's Review

Los Angeles (International Guy Book 12) by Audrey Carlan is just…everything.


Los Angeles, USA: When it comes to making fantasies come true, there’s no better destination than Hollywood.

After surviving hell on earth, the real healing begins. I’ve never been happier or more content in my life. With my dream girl by my side, I can do anything. The future has never been brighter.

A case takes me to Los Angeles, California, to participate in a new television dating program. I’m only supposed to consult on life, love, and dating. The plan was never to meet Skyler’s celebrity look-alike or to make an appearance on the show itself.

This was supposed to be a quick trip. Fly in for a few days, fly out. Do the job and make it back to my woman, who’s dealing with the aftermath of her trauma all alone.

How did I get roped into all this? And what’s Skyler going to think when she sees me on television as a contestant?

Ceej’s Review:

Los Angeles is everything a finale can ever dream to be!  I fell so deeply in love with this family of characters that I felt everything they did from hope to despair, pain to relief, glee to terror, and hatred to love.  This last installment is just…everything.

I loved that the installment began with such excitement and hope!  I admit that I cried through certain parts of this book.  These characters have taken parts of my heart and their joy became mine and it just spilled from me.  This is the power of Audrey Carlan.  She makes you feel what her characters do.

Sky!  I thoroughly enjoyed her project!  And I enjoyed her chill moments!  One part made me laugh so hard and I just have one word…Gordo.  Even thinking it cracks me up!!  I love Sky so much like she’s a younger sister and I just want to hang out with her and protect her and love her.

Park!  Who couldn’t love a man like him, who loves his woman and his family, including his brothers, with his entire being?  Who couldn’t love a man who respects others, regardless of who they are or where they came from?  Who couldn’t love a man who is just good people?  I love Park so very much!

The epilogue had me in tears from the first word to the last.  I’m not ashamed to admit it, tough exterior or not.  It was so incredibly beautiful.  And I’m talking ugly cry.  That’s how much I love Sky and Park.  That’s how much I needed their HEA.

Audrey, thank you for this installment.  Thank you for reminding me that happiness is a choice.  And yes, I choose to be happy.  Thank you for such a beautiful book!

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