Jan. 23, 2017

July 27, 2016

*Originally posted 7/27/16.*

My heart is still shaking. I had hoped that writing a review would help calm it a little.

I can't remember having watched my life flash before my eyes in a long time. I could see a fantastic opportunity disappear, my family stuck in the hospital waiting to hear about me. I could see everything I always wanted to do fade away. Wow. Sounds dramatic, but when you have gone through what I have, you tend to think about how bad it can get or thinking about death. But God loves... me and saved me today.

On the way home, I nearly got t-boned. The light on my side had been green for about 15 seconds and as I started my turn to go through the intersection, I noticed a car barreling toward me from the left. Thank God that no one else was in the intersection because the car just barely stopped before I nipped out of the way.

It may seem like a little thing to others, but I don't care what they think. It scared me pretty badly. I am sharing this so we all remember to be careful when we're out on the road. One second may be the difference between a life of joy and light, and serious injury or death. Please be careful and safe out there, fam.