Jan. 23, 2017

August 4, 2016

*Originally posted 8/4/16.*

And the hits just keep coming. Finally told someone I thought was a good friend about my disease. She decided that we can't be friends because she doesn't want to "get" my disease. W.O.W. She wouldn't listen when I told her that she can't "get" it by being friends with me. Trying hard to remember that good people, those that are worth keeping around wouldn't brush me off because of a disease that I have. Maybe part of "Trust the journey" is to not give up when people give up on you. I know I'm better off without this so called "friend", but it doesn't hurt my heart any less. Gotta stay strong and focused.

I guess what I'm saying is, if someone is opening their heart enough to be honest with you and you can't remain friends, be gentle. You never know what you could be pushing that person to do or feel.