Jan. 23, 2017

January 1, 2017

*Originally posted on 1/1/17.*

I just knew living in a hotel/motel would provide fodder for Adventures of Ceej. SMH.

So it's a twofer. Yep, a twofer.

A lack of privacy makes me go for walks. In the dark. In downtown Tacoma. I mean, I look like a fuckin bouncer. Who would bother me? Yeah, apparently I am still approachable.

So during my walk this evening, this guy steps into the light at the front entrance of the hotel.
Him: Hey beautiful, how you doin tonight?
Me: (Still walking away) Fine, thanks. Have a good night.
Him: I got a room here. How about we give each other a good night?
Me: No thanks. (And walking further away toward the street.)
Him: (Following me) Come on baby. (Catches up and grabs my arm.) Let me make you feel good.
Me: (Glances down at his hand gripping my arm.) You have half a second to remove your hand or I will break it off and feed it to you.
Him: (Grabs both arms now. Stupid, stupid guy.) You don't mean that. I think you really want me and want to play games. (Seriously??)
Me: (Grabs both this thumbs and presses them back toward his wrist.) I'm not playing.
Him: (On his knees now and tears coming out of his eyes from the pain.) Stupid bitch.
Me: Since you're on your knees, you need to pray and thank God that I didn't break your hands for laying them on me. (Walks back toward the hotel entrance.)

This shit really happens. You should see what I don't post.

#2 may be a continuation of #1
As I walk toward the hotel entrance, there's a lady about my age walking toward me.
Her: Thank God you're okay. I was about to call the police.
Me: Thank you. It wasn't a big deal. I can handle myself.
Her: I can see that.
Me: Thank you for the thought though. Most people would have just been recording so they can get their 15 minutes of fame. Thanks. Have a good night. (Start to walk away)
Her: Ceej.
Me: (I froze. How the hell does she know my name?) Yeah.
Her: Please don't take this wrong. I know who you are and what's going on with you. I just wanted to ask if I can give you a hug. I think you can use one.
Me: (Naturally suspicious, so I quickly scan for weapons on her.) What??
Her: Oh. Please don't think I want to hurt you. We can even go into the lobby where there are people around. Besides, I think you can take me down pretty easily.
Me: (I am intrigued, but I still cross my huge arms) I don't get it. How do you know my name?
Her: I follow your blog. We have a mutual friend who told me about you but didn't say who you were. I just put two and two together.
Me: This is freaky.
Her: Please, can I just give you a hug? You can check me for weapons. I really only want to give you a hug.
Me: (Yeah, I could use one, but...) Just a hug, right?
Her: Yes. (So I let her hug me. She squeezed me and whispered.) Everything will be okay. I feel it. You need to do what you have to. Your friends need you alive. Everything will work out, so please don't stop anything. You are needed and loved.
Me: (Pulled back) Thanks.
Her: (Squeezes my biceps) Thank you for letting me do this. Good night. (And she walks away.)
I went in the bathroom to see if there was anything stuck to the back of my hoodie or my head. Nothing.

What the hell just happened?? And who the fuck talks about me to a stranger that lives here? AND knows about my decision last week??? (Cue Twilight Zone music)