Jan. 23, 2017

January 12, 2017

*Originally posted on 1/12/17.*

Okay so everyone knows how I'm this sweet and innocent angel, right?

Okay. You guys can quit laughing now. But if you had believed that, this episode of Adventures of Ceej just might change your mind. This one, would probably make my Fave AC shake her head at me and say, "Ceej. Only you."


So I'm in the parking lot at a store, wearing my headphones and maybe dancing a little as I walk in. All of a sudden, I feel this smack. Guess where. Yep, my ass. I swear, my ass attracts too much attention. There was a guy walking toward me from the entrance to the store and his face just got so red. The smack came from another guy that was running past me. The other guy took one step and grabbed the arm of the guy that smacked my ass. While I pulled off my headphones, he pulled the smacker to me and demanded that he apologize. So guess what I did? Go ahead and guess.

I rolled up my sleeves and grabbed the smacker's junk. Right before I gave it a nice twist, I told him, "I know you lost your marbles, but I found them right here. Next time you think you can do that to someone, I'll find you and twist them off." TWIST! As the smacker crumbled, the Good Samaritan laughed and goes, "Hey, I like you." He gave me a high five and walked away before I could thank him.

<sigh> my life is never boring.