Jan. 24, 2017

Just WOW.

I’ve never started a day off with an episode of Adventures of Ceej, especially one like this.  This is sort of a continuation from the last episode, the one in Walmart and an ex… 

I get up early every day for the 45 minute drive in to work.  As I was getting ready, I received a text from that ex.  We’ll call him Elijah <wink>.  He and I had been texting and talking since we met up last week.  He asked if he could meet me somewhere on my way to work this morning because he had a question that he wanted to ask me in person.  I needed to gas my car so I told him to meet me at the gas station.  As I came out of the store after prepaying for the fuel, he pulled up to the tank on the other side of my car.  Smartie decided to gas his car as we were talking too.  His greeting?  Kissing me senseless!  Holy…wow.  He wanted to ask if I would consider spending his version of Valentine’s weekend (it’s on a Tuesday, I think, so he wants me to spend Sunday, Monday, AND Tuesday with him), if not sooner.  Part of his plans for that “weekend”?  A visit or two to a certain club. Um…  (Side note: I am not a morning person so it takes a while for me to fully wake up.  And boy was I awake by then!  LOL!)  I started stuttering! I still can’t believe it.  So I told him that I needed to think about it and he understood.  He told me that he’d talk to me tonight because he needed to hear his island queen’s voice before he went to sleep. <serious melt>