Feb. 1, 2017

Elijah, Elijah, <sigh> Elijah...

Apparently “Elijah” likes to give me opportunities to have morning episodes of the Adventures of Ceej.

I stopped at a gas station on my way into work this morning.  As I was trying to decide what drink I wanted, I felt a brush against my ass.  They were busy so I didn’t make much of it because, well, my ass is out there and it happens.  However, the brush turned into a full grip.  Can you imagine my shock?  I started to swing an elbow and it was blocked.  I noticed that one of the employees saw what was happening and was about to run over to help, but I shook my head.  I got this.  I turned around, ready to help someone lose their hand, only to discover that it was Elijah.  Crazy man. Even with me turning around, he kept his grip.  LOL that tells you something about me, huh?  After a peck on the lips, he let me go and finish selecting what I wanted.  Sweet guy paid for them for me.  Serious full-body press against the car door <serious melt>.  Has he been reading my Fave’s books? 

Elijah: Have you considered my proposal?

Me: Still thinking about it.

Elijah: (bites my lip) What can I do to help you say, yes?

Me: (trying to keep my wits about me) Let me keep thinking about it.

Elijah: I’ll do anything.  But before I can delve deeper into that, I’ll stop now so you can go to work.  Call me during your lunch.  I need to talk to my queen.


Whew!  What a way to raise a girl’s blood pressure!