Feb. 10, 2017


“Elijah” definitely likes to give me opportunities to have morning episodes of the Adventures of Ceej.  I know he visits my blog and follows.  It’s a good thing I left home early because this one took a little bit.  I’ll try to summarize where I can.

I stopped at a gas station on my way into work this morning as usual.  There was a guy wearing a doo-rag standing outside the store asking customers for a cigarette.  I ignored him, went inside, got what I needed, and was leaving the store when he approached me.

Guy: Hey mami, how you doin? Can I get yo digits?  Can a brotha get some love?

Me: (walking by him) Fine, no, and not from me.

Guy: (grabs my arm) You are fine.  Come on.  You ain’t gotta be mean.

(fast footsteps behind me and the guy’s grip drops)

Elijah: Lay a hand on her again and you’ll find my fist in your throat.

Me: Eli, don’t.  He’s not worth it.

Elijah: (puts a hand at the back of my neck and walks me to my car) It would be worth it because you’re mine.

Me: (shocked stupid) WHAT?!

Elijah: (crowds me against my door) You’re mine.  You may not realize it yet, but you will.  Now get in and get to work.  I’ll call you later.

And he just walks away! 

What the hell is going on??  Gah!!!!

I swear he's reading the books my faves have written.  This is way too close to what I love reading.  Guess who's going to call his ass out?!