Mar. 20, 2017


Let me preface this by saying, I LOVE the book world!!!

As most of you know, I went to SF for the San Fran Golden Gate Author Event 2017 hosted by the awesome Nadine Colling.  I was able to attend last year's where I met my Super Fave, Audrey Carlan, and the amazing Lauren Blakely.  This year, I met so many fabulous authors and sister readers!  This episode is about my personal experience.

The night before the event, I was at dinner with two gorgeous and miraculous women who happen to be my favorite authors, Angel Payne and Victoria Blue, along with other authors and readers.  When I remembered to show Angel and Victoria the back of my hoodie, an author's husband who was in view and was sitting next to Angel, pulled my website up on his phone.  His wife, author JL Drake (another author that I enjoy), looked at his phone, looked at me, looked at his phone, and got up to come and introduce herself and hug me.  She was so excited to see me!  Gah!

Then the next morning, as I was in line for the VIP (yeah baby!) check in, a beautiful woman came up to me and goes, "You're, Ceej, right?"  You know I'm naturally suspicious, but I'm at an author event where I'll be meeting two of my absolute favorite authors for the first time and seeing my Super Fave again so I was in a good mood.  After I confirmed, she goes, "I'm Andrea.  I follow you on FB and your blog.  You're an amazing soul."  How wonderfully humbling is that?!

Then a little later, I hear, "There's Ceej!"  The excitement that followed was awesome!  It was yet another beautiful woman and her beautiful friend (geez where are they all coming from?  Makes a girl self-conscious!) at Audrey Carlan's table.  It's an absolute heart lift seeing that from Audrey herself as well as my other faves, but from someone I don't know...wowzers!  When she was done and caught me again, she asked for a picture with ME!  Whoa!

Throughout the day, a couple authors and a few readers actually stopped me to introduce themselves because they recognized me.  Then towards the end of the event, Andrea came up to me again and asked for a picture with me too! 

What a day for this chick!  I felt like a rockstar but incredibly humbled!