Mar. 24, 2017

Saved from an assault charge...

Last night’s episode is courtesy of a dumbass.  I’m pretty careful most of the time when I’m out in public.  I don’t need to lose my temper and end up in jail and losing my job.  However, I get tested almost all the freaking time.  The actual episode has some profanity, so if you get offended easily, please skip.

So last night, I went to a grocery store and as I was walking back to my car in the well-lit parking lot, I was nearly hit by a car.  No, I wasn’t walking in the middle of the lane (or whatever you call it) nor was the driver backing his car up.  No.  This fucker was speeding in the parking lot of this huge store.  People are walking everywhere, some with kids, some with strollers, some with walking aids.  Seriously!

The lack of concern for others’ welfare never fails to spark my temper.  I’m typically gentle and hella chill, but oh man, if you purposely step on my pet peeves, you better run.  Can you see me cracking my neck right now, just thinking about it?  Ugh.

So this fucker is speeding and careens into the lane.  If I hadn’t been alert and moved between the two vehicles parked next to me, he would have hit me.  He lucked out with a spot close to the entrance to the store and parked.  Just as he was getting out and I was about to go and punch him in his head, my phone started vibrating with messages from a “special” group of friends.  I know it seems weird to stop to read messages, but for me, if it’s something that may help me calm down, I’ll do it.  Their funny antics flipped the switch so I didn’t go and knock that fucker out.  So my friends saved him from a trip to the ER and me from an assault charge.

Why can’t my life be normal?