Mar. 24, 2017

First time coconut oil led to me being creeped out.

And now an episode from this morning.  I have this one gas station that I stop by almost every morning.  It’s on my way and the employees there are friendly.  No, I’m not always feeding Molly every morning.  I get drinks, snacks, energy shots, too.  Things happen to me here all the time.  Some would stop going, but it provides fodder for these episodes.

Every morning, I do my usual ritual in getting ready for work.  I use coconut oil in my hair as well as my skin (probably why it’s so soft).  And cotton candy body spray.  Combination sounds weird, right?  It isn’t.  I promise.  Well I went into my favorite gas station this morning and while I was perusing the drinks because I may want to switch it up, I noticed that this guy keeps walking behind me.  Like back and forth in the aisle right behind me.  Now I know that I take up a lot of space and I try to get out of others’ way.  But it was starting to creep me out.  So on his fourth pass, I held my breath, wondering if I could hear something.  I did.  I heard him sniff me!!  Incredulous, I stopped him and just asked:

Me: Did you really just sniff me?

Him: Yeah you smell good.

Me: Uh thank you, but what you’ve been doing is really creepy.

Him: I’m sorry miss.  It’s a scent that I haven’t smelled in a long time.  Coconut candy.  I couldn’t help myself.  Can I hug you so it stays with me?

Me: Now you’re really creepy.  Bye. 

And I left.  Seriously?  Why do I get the creeps?

<sigh> My life is never boring.