Mar. 27, 2017

Why do these things happen to me?

Why things happen to me, I have no idea.  I get a lot of disbelief at these episodes and I can understand that.  However, I have heard from many friends that if they didn’t know me, they’d think I was lying.  What does that say about me??  LOL!!


This afternoon’s episode deals with me stuck in traffic on my way home.  Again.  So, I’m driving along, jammin out and suddenly, this Tundra cuts me off.  Now I’m trying to behave myself.  I didn’t honk at the driver (can you believe that?) or antagonize him.  I was in a pretty mellow mood so I just played with my necklace and prayed for patience and calm.  As luck would have it, the Tundra was going the same way I was, and we both got stuck in line.  The line was long and slow so I just rolled down my windows and turned up the jam.  We were stuck for about two minutes when I noticed that the driver of the Tundra put his truck in Park and was getting out.  It was a guy and his focus was on me.  My thought?  “Ah hell, I’m going to jail.”  He came up to my window and goes:

Him: Please don’t be afraid.  I just want to apologize.  Cutting you off was a dick move and I’m sorry.

Me: (Shocked.  He can speak in full sentences!)  It’s alright.  We all have those days.

Him: (Glances to the line in front of us then looks back at me and his eyebrows rise.) You look familiar.

Me: I’m sure I do.  People think all islanders look alike.

Him: No, it’s something else.  Anyway, can I take you to dinner to make up for this?

Me: Don’t worry about it.  It’s cool.

Him: (Looks at the line again.  It still hasn’t freaking moved!) Please.  Taking a beautiful woman out to dinner after doing her wrong is the least I can do.  (Looks back at me then tilts his head.)  You’re Ceej?

Me: (Suspicious.  Eyebrow raise.) Maybe.

Him: Your name is on your bag, but I know you.  I’ve seen your whiskey eyes before. (Anyone else getting creeped out or is it just me?)  You’re Ceej’s Life Reads.

Me: (Really shocked.) Um yeah.

Him: I’m Dante.  I follow your blog.  Especially your Adventures of Ceej.  A friend shared your Twitter post awhile back.  I’m a fan.  Can we take a picture?  Can I get you to kiss me on the cheek for a picture?

Me: (Couldn’t hold back my laugh.  He’s funny.)  You should get back in your truck.  We’re moving.

Him: Can I get your number?  I’d like to get to know you.

Me: I’m not really comfortable with that.

Him: (Grins at me.)  I’ll just email you from your blog.  (Sticks his hand out.) It was nice to meet you, Ceej.  And sorry again for cutting you off earlier.

Me: (Simple handshake, right?  Nothing in his hands that I’ve seen and believe me, I was watching.  So I took his hand to shake.  His reaction?  He sucked in a breath!  WTH?!) Nice to meet you, Dante.  Now go.

I know that was long, but that was how long we were in line for the stupid bridge!  And whoa, he follows my blog?  Does anyone else feel like I’m being set up?  Or am I just being my usual suspicious self?  As we progressed to the bridge, he actually kept trying to park again.  Just before we started moving faster, he yelled out his window, “We’ll meet again, beautiful!  I need that dinner!”

<sigh> My life is never boring.