Apr. 13, 2017

Embarrassing episode...

I embarrassed myself at a store today when I went to pick up my meds.  I forgot that I still have a book hangover and am a mess emotionally.  I should have known better than to listen to my slow jamz playlist while I was in public, especially today.  And I’m in pain today so I’m using my cane.  Sounds like a good combination, right?  Yeah…no.

So I was walking along, chillin out with slow jamz, and a song by Brian McKnight came on.  Without warning, I started crying!  Me.  Badass mfer, tattooed linebacker-looking chick, suddenly crying in the middle of a store.  And wouldn’t you know it, my cane slides on a little puddle of water.  I kid you not.  I moved to prevent myself from falling as I had just put weight on the cane and…my knee twists. (WHY ME?)  Freaking lovely.  Did I mention that I’m a mess?  Lucky for me, a nice guy stepped up and grabbed my elbow to make sure that I don’t fall.  So here I am, tears falling down my cheeks because the song playing through my earbud reminded me of part of a book that I had just read that had me bawling last night (No Simple Sacrifice by Angel Payne and Victoria Blue), my cane slips, my knee twists, and a nice guy is helping me.  What made it worse?  He’s kinda cute.  So he helped me to a bench.  Instead of just walking off when I was settled, he sat with me to chat.

Him: Are you okay?  That looked painful.

Me: (red faced) Yeah, I tend to be a little clumsy.  Thanks for the save.

Him: No problem.  Would you like me to get one of those little scooters for you?  I can’t imagine wanting to walk through the store with the twisted knee.

Me: (REALLY red faced) No, I’m good.  I can handle it.  You can go on with your shopping.  Thanks again.

Him: I’m not in a rush.  I’d be happy to walk with you in case you need help.

Me: (Seriously?  Where did this guy come from?) I need to find my dignity.  Please.  Go ahead.  I’ll be fine.

Him: You don’t remember me, do you, CJ?  (HOLY SHIT.  Here we go.)  We used to date.

DOH!  To be continued…

<sigh> My life is never boring.