May. 3, 2017

Scary episode that ended well

Yesterday, I was upset about something incredibly personal and I will admit that it brought up some doubts about people.  Then this morning, something scary happened, but it ended with my faith in humanity restored.

(Now this may upset some of you, but just relax.  I’m fine.  You know me.)

Every weekday morning, I drive about an hour to get to work.  This morning started with me not feeling well, but that’s normal for me so I didn’t give it a thought.  By the time I was about 20 minutes from work, my chest started hurting, and it was getting hard to breathe.  My vision started darkening so I quickly and safely pulled over into an area that wouldn’t have cars speeding within a few feet of my car.  (I have a history of blackouts, and I know when I’m pushing myself too far.  So relax, guys.)  I turned on the hazards and took the keys out of the ignition just in case.  I don’t know how long I was out, but I’m guessing it was only a few minutes.  I woke to find someone knocking on my window. 

Turned out that it was this huge guy and he was a former medical professional.  He said he drove by and saw my car and at a glance, it didn’t look like there was a problem with the car so he just kept going.  He said that something told him to turn around and check.  He triaged me and discovered that my blood pressure was high and my pulse was racing.  He then gave me aspirin.  Apparently, prednisone and 5 hour energies do not go together.  I know that, but I’m not a morning person and need all the help I can get to fully wake up.  Though I refused to go to the ER or let him call an ambulance, he made me promise to text him in a few hours and to go to the ER if this happens again.

This man could have just kept going, not wanting to take time out of his day to check on a car on the side of a busy highway.  He not only checked on me as a person, but in a medical way and gave me his number to follow up with him on how I’m doing.  Who does that kind of stuff?  To me, that’s not just a “good Samaritan” or nice guy.  I’m fine now, but what if I wasn’t when this happened?  This guy would have saved my life.  He’s a hero and he restored my faith in people.

<sigh> My life is never boring.