May. 18, 2017

A different kind of episode...

Today’s episode isn’t a humorous one.  It’s a humbling episode that I felt compelled to share.  Adventures aren’t just crazy and funny.  They can also be heart-warming and memorable.

It’s funny how sometimes we inspire people and we have no idea until either they or someone else tells us.  I have my down days where I doubt myself and whether or not I make a difference.  I’m blessed enough to have friends that I consider miracles who’ve told me that I inspire or lift them up.  It’s always so humbling yet incredibly thrilling.  If you know who some of my friends are, you know just how thrilling it is to hear that from women I love and look up to.  Today, I actually heard it from my dentist, of all people. 

He always has this special handshake for me when he sees me, but today, he added some encouragement.  You see, I have to disclose my health history and status for their safety and mine.  He told me how much I inspire him to be strong and calm no matter what life throws at him.  That I showed him what true strength of self and heart really is.  How wonderful is that?  What an incredible heart lift!  If you know me, really know me, you know that I love to lift others up.  Getting it in return from a virtual stranger as well as the miraculous people in my life, I’m so humbled and grateful.

Fam and peeps, keep doing you.  The good you send out will come back to you when you don’t expect it.  Trust me.

<happy sigh>  My life is never boring…and I love it.