Jun. 29, 2017

Creepy yet funny!

So it's been a minute since the last posting of my #AdventuresofCeej episodes.  And I’ve been getting requests for them.  How funny is that?  So…here’s one.

Yesterday morning, I went in for a treatment.  I have a port in my chest and that’s what gets accessed every time.  I sat down in a chair across from an older man who was already undergoing his treatment.  My nurse was new to me so she didn’t know where my port was.  I partially unzipped my #CeejLifeReads hoodie to prep for the access.  Seeing where it was and how exposed I’d be, she quickly grabbed the curtain to shield me from view.  As for me?  I really don’t care.  I wouldn’t be exposed that much. 

Here’s the convo:

Older man: Hey I was watching!

Nurse: And that’s why I closed the curtain, Mr. XXXXX.  Now just close your eyes and relax.  I don’t want you bugging her.

Older man: I’m old.  I’m sick.  I don’t get to see pretty things anymore.  Beautiful young lady, you don’t mind, do you?

Me: (trying hard not to bust up laughing while the nurse is trying to access my port)

Nurse: Ceej, do not answer him either way.  You’ll just encourage him.

Older man: Come on!  I just want to read her tattoo.

(Yes, I have a decent sized tattoo on my boob, right under my port.  It’s a quote from my Super Fave about life and changes.)

Nurse: Mr. XXXXX, please stop.  You will leave her alone and let me do my job.

Older man: (grumbles) Won’t help an old man.  I don’t get to see those anymore.



<sigh> My life is never boring.