Jul. 23, 2017

Why me?

Yep, another episode! 

I have a boyfriend.  We’ve only been together a couple months now.  When we decided to do this, I closed all of my online dating accounts, or so I thought.  Today, I received a message on a site that I completely forgot about from a guy that got to me.  It’s not the usual dick pic message or the “need a fuck buddy” message.  This was a little more personal and pissed me off.  So you, my lucky AOC followers, you get to read about it!  Suffice it to say that after I told him off, I deleted my account.

Jerk: Hey there.  You’re beautiful.  I enjoyed reading your profile, but I have a few things to ask before I take you on a date.  If your tattoos are visible, I need you to cover them up while we’re in public.  I don’t want people to think I’m classless.  Next, you mentioned that you’re a big woman.  How big is big?  How much do you weigh?  What size do you wear?  I need you to lose some weight before we go out.  I can’t be seen with someone huge.  So what do you say?

Me: (this jackass is lucky he didn’t say these things to me in person) First of all, you’re fucking presumptuous to think that I would agree to even meet you for coffee, much less a date.  Next, I cover up my tattoos for NO ONE, much less a judgmental prick like you.  Third, I am a big woman.  Just so you know, it’s rude to ask a woman her weight and clothing size.  I lose weight for NO ONE but myself.  If you can’t handle me, and I promise that you can’t, move along fuck boy.

Jerk: Hey hey.  I wasn’t trying to make you mad.  I just have issues with classless people showing off tattoos and obesity.

Me: I’m not classless and will show off my beautiful tattoos whenever the fuck I want.  I have more class in one inch of tattooed skin than you can ever dream to have.

Jerk: Do you have high blood pressure?  It seems like it from your responses.  Maybe if you lost weight, it wouldn’t be a problem.  I hope you get aids from your tattoos.

Me: FUCK OFF.  One day, someone will teach you the lesson you so desperately need, you ignorant jackass.  I hope I get to see it happen.  And by the way, I’ve taken screenshots of this message chain and reported your profile with your picture.  They should be blocking you shortly.


Why did I get jerks two days in a row???

<sigh> My life is never boring.