Sep. 6, 2017

The beauty of an act of kindness

While I constantly see the love of one person for another in many forms, especially in the love shared in my group of friends, it never ceases to amaze me when I am the lucky recipient of a stranger’s kindness. 

Some of you may know that I’m constantly in severe pain due to illnesses/conditions.  This afternoon, on my way home from work, I was in line for a traffic light that was taking a long time to move.  My car hit a bump and jarred my back.  My vision blurred as tears rushed down my face.  I’m not someone who cries easily, so that should show how bad the pain was.  As we sat in line, I watched as the driver of the car in front of me put her car in park and get out.  She gestured for me to roll my window down.  She came to my window and…well, here’s our convo.

Lady: Are you okay?  I saw your face in my mirror.  Do you need help?

Me: (shamefully wiping the tears from my cheeks) I’m okay, thank you.

Lady: Can I ask what’s wrong?  Maybe I can help.

Me: I have a spinal issue.  The bump back there made me move wrong and I’m hurting.  That’s all.

Lady: (puts her hand on my arm) Oh, I’m sorry.  Do you have any motrin?

Me: No, but I’ll be okay until I get home.

Lady: I have some in my car.  Be right back.  (She turns and goes to her car, rummages inside, and comes back with a small bottle of motrin.)  Here.  Please take it.  I don’t know how far you have to go, but these may help.

Me: You’re so sweet.  Thank you.  (I open it and shake four out and try to hand the bottle back.)

Lady: Keep it in your car for when you don’t have anything.  Spine issues are horrible.

Me: Can I pay you for this?

Lady: Don’t worry about it.  I just want to help.

Me: Thank you so much.  I can’t explain how much I appreciate this.

Lady: We all need some help sometimes, right?  Take care of yourself, hon. (She smiles, pats my arm, and gets back into her car.)


My life is never boring.  But sometimes, it’s really beautiful and full of such kindness.