Sep. 7, 2017

Someone feelin froggy. LOL!

Today’s episode is one that made me roll my eyes.

Seeing as I didn’t eat yesterday, I stopped by a fast food restaurant on my way in to work.  As I was at the second drive thru window collecting my order, I noticed a cute guy and smiled.  Friendly, right?  Well the convo wasn’t quite that friendly.

Him: Here you go, miss.  (He hands me the bag and looks at my tatted arm) Hey nice tats.

Me: Thanks! (I grab the bag and put it in the seat next to me and move to shift into drive)

Him: So hey, can I get your number? 

Me: That’s sweet, but no.  Have a good day!

Him: Women like you always think you’re better than me because I work here. (He starts to turn away)

Me: Yo.  I said no because I have a man.  But you need to either work on elevating your career or your attitude about your job.  It’s okay to feel insecure, but not okay to blame others because you are.  Good luck!


<sigh> My life is never boring.