Oct. 24, 2017

Volatile? Me? No way!

It has been a minute since my last crazy episode of #AOC.  While this isn’t crazy, I think it’s funny enough to share.

Apparently, I have this rep of being volatile though no one has proof!  I maintain that I’m just a chill, patient, easy-going chick.  (Okay I can hear all of you laughing.  Especially you, SSSweets, Audrey, and JA!)  My goal has been to dispel this volatile rep that I seem to be stuck with.  Obviously, I have yet to reach that goal.

I recently had a minor surgical procedure.  My left ear has a little scarring wound in front of it and to be honest, it looks strange.  One of my friends, who knew that I had surgery, saw it today.  Here’s the convo:

Him: You’re finally back.  (He leans toward me.) Tell the truth.  You were in a fight and the guy stabbed you in the ear and you had to have emergency surgery to save your eardrum.

Me: Oh shut up.  I’m not violent.  It was a biopsy, you dork.

Him: Uh huh.  Sure.  (He leans closer.)  Let me see your scar.

Me: (I turn my head so he can see it.)  It’s a little one.

Him: (Suddenly pokes it!) Cool.

Me: (Hits him in the chest) You asshole!  That hurt!

Him: (rubbing his chest where I hit him and holding his stomach because he’s laughing hard) See?  You are violent!

Me: You hit the fresh wound on my head!

Him: I didn’t hit it. I poked it.

Me: (hit him again) Same damn thing, you jerk!  It’s on my head!

Him: (laughs harder) See?  I rest my case!

<sigh> I will never get rid of this damn rep if I keep hitting people.


<double sigh> My life is never boring.