Nov. 29, 2017

A little sad, a little strange, and yet touching.

It has been a little bit since my last episode.  This one isn’t funny.  It may be a little sad, a little strange, and yet touching.

Today, we had a team building event for upper management in my area.  We went bowling.  Correction: they bowled, and I cheered loudly.  Some may think bowling is lame, but it allowed us to have fun and bond, which is the point of a team building event.  I had fun.  I got to cheer my co-workers and friends on, whooping when they got spares or strikes.  We high-fived and fist-bumped.  We laughed and yelled.  We teased and joked around.  It was fun!  It was this one little part that was a little sad and flattering for me.

I went into the small bathroom and as I was washing my hands, another lady came out of a stall and started washing hers in another sink.  I don’t know what made her look at me, but suddenly, I heard, “Oh honey, I’m so sorry.”  As I’m not conceited or nosy, so I didn’t turn to her or acknowledge what she said.  She could have been on her cell phone and I wasn’t about to eavesdrop.  After she dried her hands, she tapped my shoulder.

Lady: I know this is strange, but I wanted to say something.

Me: Um…okay…

Lady: My husband was a general practitioner.  And I’m a retired nurse.  Your hands look bad and you’re hunched over.  Are you okay?  (Her eyes water!)  Honey, I’m so sorry.  I don’t mean to…

Me: (Shocked) Please don’t.  I’m okay.

Lady: You’re what?  Mid- to late twenties?  Do you need any help?  You’re too young to be like this.

Me: (Smiling) Thank you for the compliment.  I’m not in my twenties.  I have serious health issues, but we’re working on it. 

Lady: (takes one of my hands) Are you sure you’re okay?  Your hands are very red, hot, and swollen.  You’re obviously in a lot of pain.  Do you need a doctor?  Do you have someone with you that can take you to the hospital?  If not, I will call an ambulance.

Me: Please don’t worry.  I promise that I’m okay.  This happens a lot.

Lady: It’s just…this is similar to the symptoms of the heart disease that took my husband’s life.  (A few tears fall) Please don’t wait to get help.  Don’t let those who love you lose you.

Me: (patting her hands) I’m getting treated, I promise.  Please stop worrying.  Thank you for your concern.

Lady: Okay.  But if you need help, call 2-1-1.  They will help you find resources that will benefit you.  I just can’t stand the thought of seeing you the way you are and not doing a single thing to help. (She lightly squeezes my hands) Please take care of yourself.

Me: I will, thank you.


W.O.W.  Yeah, I know it’s strange to have a conversation like this with a stranger in a public bathroom, but it was touching that she cared.  She cared about me, a complete stranger.  She offered to help me.  How often do we see or meet people like this?  I had to share about it.  If you see me, I’m a large woman with multiple tattoos.  Some are intimidated on sight and, yet she was concerned enough that she reached out.  It’s people like her that make this dark and scary world a better place.

Until laters safe and be kind to one another.