Dec. 1, 2017

Sweet yet volatile? Hmmm....

So, we’re back to the weird or funny episodes.  Keep in mind that my signature scent is cotton candy (Body Fantasies body spray).

This morning, I stopped by one of my favorite gas stations.  As I was standing in line to check out, I suddenly felt heat along my backside and heard:

Dude: (sniffing and then humming deep in his throat right behind my ear) You know, I suddenly have a taste for something sweet.

Me: (stepping forward and away from him) Yeah well, there’s the candy rack.  Take your pick. 

Then it’s my turn at the cashier and I finish up and calmly go to my car.

Dude: (turns me and backs me into my car door) Nah.  Only one thing can satisfy this taste.  (He leans toward me) And that’s you.  How about it, baby?

Me: (leans into him) You can’t handle me.  (when he leans closer to me, I move so I can speak into his ear) Touch me again, you’ll be eating your hands for breakfast, and feel your balls in the back of your throat.  Back the fuck off.

Dude: (backs up but grins) Feisty.  I like it.  Gimme your number.

I opened my car door and got inside.  Once I’m just about to close the door, I give him Movin 92.5’s Loser Line number.  BAHAHAHAHA!!!!


<sigh> My life is never boring.