Jan. 22, 2018

Rude then sweet...yep, my life is never boring.

A rude then sweet episode of AOC this time.  A few days ago, I went to pick up my medication at my favorite pharmacy within a grocery store.  I used the scooter because walking for longer than 10 minutes and standing longer than 5 will make pain spread from my back to both legs, making them nearly useless.  Without the pain, I’d be walking, getting whatever exercise I could tolerate.

So, I went in to the grocery store, got the scooter, and began making my way to the pharmacy.  I went through the closest aisle that had the least amount of people.  You see, I do have that part of me that is embarrassed about using the scooter.  I don’t want to be seen as lazy because I’m fat.  However, my pain level makes my comfort more important than my pride.  As I was going through, I passed two guys.  I was still a good 10 feet away when I noticed one of them sneer at me.  When I passed by, I heard him distinctly say, “lazy ass will never lose weight using that thing.”  Normally, I’d stand up for myself.  This time, I did not.  I was in too much pain and too sick from other certain medications to drum up the energy to do or say anything.  Unfortunately, I just ducked my head to cover my face and the tear that formed.  Fortunately, the guy next to him stood up for me.  He hit his friend and angrily (at least it sounded like that to me) told him that he was an ignorant asshole and he needed to apologize.  Here’s the short exchange I heard:

Nice Guy: (angrily whispering) You ignorant ass.  You don’t know her life.  What if something happened to Jamie and she had to use these, too?  You’d beat anyone who dared to insult her.  Apologize to that lady now or I'M going to beat YOU.

Then Nice Guy stepped forward and tapped my shoulder. 

Nice Guy: Miss, I’m sorry about my ignorant friend.  If you wouldn’t mind, could you please stop so he can apologize?

Me: It’s okay.  I know how I look to people.  I’m used to people judging me, not knowing my story.

Nice Guy: It’s not right and you deserve an apology from this jerk.

Jerk: (Holding his hand out for me to shake.)  I’m sorry, miss.  I’m really not a bad person, I swear.

Me: Thank you.  I appreciate and accept your apology.

Nice Guy: We hope you get better, miss.  We won’t take up any more of your time.  Thank you for being gracious to this jerk.


It’s nice to know that there still are good people in this world that will stick up for others, even in front of their friends.

<sigh> My life is never boring.

Until laters beautifuls…be safe and be kind to one another.