Jan. 22, 2018

Bump and Grind...Cliché or nostalgic precursor??

Posted a few nights ago on Facebook and I can post this now that he knows about it:

 A friend called and asked me to come by on my way home. He said he has something for me. Chuckle with me if you read that subtext. Anyway, I'm outside his house and all I hear is, "I don't see nothin wrong with a little bump and grind..." The song is playing and he's singing it like no one's listening. I can see straight into his kitchen and he's dancing, body rolls, hip thrusts and all. I'm biting my lips to keep from laughing out loud.  I'm not laughing because he looks funny or can't dance.  I'm laughing because he has some very interesting plans and has no problem getting into the mood by listening and dancing to an old, obvious R&B cut!  But the man's got some game, choosing a song from my favorite era in music and moving his delectable body to it!


<wink> My life is never boring.