Jul. 21, 2016

Mister O by Lauren Blakely

Mister O by Lauren Blakely is a hilarious book!  I was introduced to it via a recommendation in a FB group that I’m in.  This book kept me laughing.  The first line in the About passage before the Prologue made me grin and knew that it would be a great book!

“Just call me Mister O.  Because YOUR pleasure is my super power.”


This was my first book by Lauren Blakely.  Just the title made me grin and One-Click it.  Let me tell you, Lauren Blakely didn’t disappoint.  This story is the sexy, romantic, and hilarious tale of Nick Hammer (I swear that’s his name!) and Harper Holiday.  She’s his best friend’s little sister.  She’s supposed to be hands-off.  Supposed to be.  She was hands-off.  She didn’t stay hands-off.

Nick is the creator of a wildly successful cartoon and nighttime TV show called The Adventures of Mister O.  Mister O is a superhero who replenishes the pleasure of women everywhere.  Nick practices what he creates.  He is focused and devoted to the female orgasm.  He was the shy, nerdy type, but now he’s super hot and wildly popular due to his cartoon and TV show.  The one female that he wants is the one that has a brother threatening to shave off all the hair on Nick’s head and dye his eyebrows.   They have so much fun and an easy rapport as longtime friends.  However, Nick has a problem keeping her in the “off limits” section. 

Harper is a magician with a slight problem with dating and communicating with the opposite sex.  So, she calls in a marker that Nick owes her.  She asks him to teach her how to date.  It goes from simple things like responding to text messages to innuendos and full-on dirty discussions to hot hot hot sex! 

Yes, it does end in HEA, but one thing you have to find when you read this book (if you haven’t already) is how Nick puts his artistic talents and his view of Harper together in a fabulously funny way!

I enjoyed Mister O and I know you will too!

Buy Link: http://amzn.to/1VGdOyf