Jul. 27, 2016

Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley

Mystery Man is the first standalone book in Kristen Ashley’s Dream Man series.  I decided to read this book because my favorite author loves Kristen Ashley and Mystery Man is her favorite in the series, so I wanted to see what the fuss was about.  It was a great recommendation!

If you enjoy Alpha males, you will enjoy Hawk Delgado.  If you enjoy passionate heroines that have no problem stepping into the fray, you’ll enjoy Gwendolyn Kidd.

What hooked me into this book was the beginning.  He appears in her bed only at night and never showed himself during the day.  They didn’t know each other’s names.  At least Gwendolyn didn’t know his until she unwittingly stepped into some dangerous underground craziness.

Gwendolyn (I have always loved this name!) Kidd is in her thirties, works as an editor, and has best friends who could very well be polar opposites of each other.  The first one, Camille, is a no-BS straight talker.  The second one, Tracy, is a people-pleasing romantic.  For a year and a half, Gwendolyn had her Mystery Man.  He came to her at night and only at night.  She didn’t know his name, but she thoroughly enjoyed him.  Camille wanted her to call the cops whenever Mystery Man would show up in her house at night.  Tracy wanted to Gwendolyn to believe that Mystery Man was the one that would sweep her off her feet forever.  It was kind of like watching Gwendolyn with her good angel and bad angel, especially when it came to her nocturnal Mystery Man.

Hawk Delgado is her Mystery Man, a man that would haunt any passionate woman’s dreams.  Yes, there are many of us that dream about having a man like him appear in our bedrooms at night.  I will freely admit that I have.  At least before reality and caution set in.  He is tall and gorgeous, and built to make a woman’s dream come true multiple times.  He is a man that works in secrecy and danger.  And unfortunately, that’s what brings Gwendolyn and Hawk together.

When Gwendolyn finds herself in sudden and near-constant danger, she finds herself surrounded by seriously hot men besides Hawk.  Naturally.  For these types of books, the men have to be hot.  There is a scene where there is a great testosterone battle between three men in particular.  It was entertaining.  You’ll get to see more of the other men in the other books in the series, so you’ll have to read this first so you can find who.  You won’t regret it.

This book is packed with action, drama, romance, and angst.  It also ends in HEA, which is a requirement for any book I read.  It made me laugh, roll my eyes at the antics of the characters, want to clutch my heart to protect it from the pain, and sigh in contentment. I recommend Mystery Man.  You will enjoy it like I did.

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