Aug. 7, 2016

Spectacular Rascal by Lili Valente

Spectacular Rascal by Lili Valente is a HOT, sexy, and hilarious book!  I read Magnificent Bastard, also by Lili Valente and it was awesome.  Spectacular Rascal is the perfect follow up to it.  It is not necessarily part of a series or trilogy, but they are connected.  If you enjoyed Magnificent Bastard, you will enjoy Spectacular Rascal.

Aidan Knight is tall, handsome, arrogant, tough, and beautifully tattooed.  Yes, tattoos on a tall, muscular man is my kryptonite.  Aidan owns Ink Addicts (sign me up!) and takes a job with Bash Prince as the Spectacular Rascal for Magnificent Bastard Consulting, a company that helps women with horrifying exes and douche bags get out of the situations they find themselves in.  It is hilarious how the two men are best friends but are completely different types of men.  Where Bash is more of a refined, but gorgeous hunk, Aidan is the tattooed, muscle-bound, bearded rough neck.  However, Aidan isn’t a rough neck.  He just looks like it.  And just like Bash, Aidan has a name for his junk.

Catherine “Cat” Elizabeth Legend is a gorgeous, brilliant, and desperate redhead.  She is a lawyer with certain aspirations that is stuck at the mercy of a dangerous and psychotic ex-boyfriend.  That is how she gets in touch with Aidan.  She hires him as the Spectacular Rascal.  She needs someone who looks like Aidan to put some fear into her ex-boyfriend to get him to leave her alone.  One hitch to this arrangement: they have a history.  It’s a history that you have to read this book to understand.

Now, I like my men clean-shaven, and beards usually gross me out, but seriously, I want Aidan!  especially with all those tattoos.  I can get past the beard because of the tattoos.  As someone who is pretty well-tattooed, I really appreciate it in men.  Makes me want to...nevermind.  That's not meant for this review.  LOL!

What I loved about Spectacular Rascal was the archives of their text messages and notes from their history together.  Their nicknames for each other are hilarious!  I loved that Aidan’s nickname was the name of his junk!  This book kept me laughing even as it squeezed my heart or made it race.  Once again, Lili Valente took me out of my world and submerged me into hers.  Nothing but pure awesomeness!!  Definitely worth reading!  Get it now! 

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