Sep. 12, 2016

In Flight (Up In The Air Book One) by R.K. Lilley

In Flight by R.K. Lilley is the first book in the Up In The Air trilogy.  I received this as a gift from a friend who is determined to get me hooked on crazy hot trilogies.  I am the type of reader that loves to have my emotions run through the ringer.  R.K. Lilley manages that so well.  Maybe a little too well.

In Flight is about a first class flight attendant named Bianca and the start of her journey with wealthy hotelier James Cavendish.  This is not your normal love story.  Bianca is reserved, cool, beautiful, and troubled.  James is determined, gorgeous, and has an air of dominance.  The pull between them is sizzling!  In a shallow view, James could have any woman he wants between his looks and his pocketbook, so why would he be focused on a woman who works as a flight attendant?  She’s not a socialite or an heiress, which is the type of woman many might expect him to choose to spend his time with.  However, Bianca is a very unique woman.

Bianca is how people would imagine a Swedish flight attendant looks like.  In fact, she is a Swedish flight attendant!  She’s tall, beautiful, cool as a cucumber, cynical, and built like many men’s (and women’s) dream.  She does have one secret (you have to read it to find out what that secret is!)  She isn’t gregarious or even care about what other people think.  She’s a tough chick.  Her one weakness is her best friend.  Bianca’s relationship with her best friend is nothing short of pure beauty and love.  It’s the kind of familial relationship born out of adversity and devotion.  Their young lives started rough, though that’s what taught them what unconditional love really is.  We should all be so lucky.  But will this closeness get in the way of their relationships with others?  Will it prevent them from finding and enjoying their forever love?  You need to read it to find out.

James is a man who also has a troubled past.  It helped shape him into the man he currently is, though it often gives him pause, especially when it comes to Bianca.  I love it when a man has this undeniable need for his woman.  I must confess that I absolutely love Alpha males.  James definitely fits the bill.  He is also a gorgeous Alpha male.  Naturally, right?  Bianca’s nickname for him made me chuckle, but then as the story moved on, I saw that it really fit.  His absolute need for every bit of Bianca was beautiful.  It wasn't just about her body.  Her natural inclination for cynicism and coolness drove him completely insane!

There are a couple of twists to this story.  I feel that those twists made it so much more interesting and definitely kept me focused on continuing the trilogy.  I had to know what happened! 

There are not only scenes with absolute sizzling hot sex, but there are moments of laughter and tears.  This book does not end in HEA.  It ends in a cliff-hanger, as expected from a trilogy.  I suggest getting all three books before starting this one.  Trust me.  You would kick yourself if you don’t. 

In Flight is a great book that I have already reread twice in the month since it was gifted to me.  I highly recommend it!


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