Sep. 18, 2016

Mile High (Up in the Air Book Two) by R.K. Lilley

Mile High is Book Two of the Up in the Air trilogy by R.K. Lilley.  This was also a gift from a wonderful friend that is determined to get me hooked on crazy HOT trilogies.  The Up in the Air trilogy is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.  Only one other author has been able to make the books I read burn.  R.K. Lilley has the touch! 

Even though I knew how the first book ended, I wasn’t ready for Mile High to start with angst.  I am a sucker for angst-filled novels.  AND seriously HOT novels.  To be honest, Mile High is hotter than In Flight, and that’s a good thing.  I loved In Flight.  I love how R.K. Lilley turned it up in the second installment.

Bianca’s best friend will remain my favorite character.  His sensitivity to every bit of Bianca is beautiful to me.  He wasn’t this pushover that she could run roughshod over.  Not only was he her best friend, he was her confidant and protector.  I absolutely love that.  I thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s deference to her when it came to Stephan.  It showed a fantastic level of respect for the most important person in his life.  Bianca’s attitude of reservation and coolness, and her devotion to him practically demanded it.

I must say that I always enjoy the scenes where their pilot/flight attendant friends get together.  It’s always a blast and full of laughter.  Such characters!  Especially Judith, Marnie, and Murphy!  I’ve stopped the whole club/bar scene in my personal life, but if I could party with those, three, I’d get back into it just for the laughs!

When James entered the scene, you could just feel the sizzle!  I love the chemistry between James and Bianca, even in public when they’re surrounded by Bianca’s friends and co-workers.  The unmistakable desire and need is amazing.  And the joke…it had to be a joke…it wasn’t.  When the joke became real, I admit that the first thing I thought was, “that’s the kiss of death!  Really f*****?!  Come on!”  What’s the joke about?  You need to read it in order to find out!

I’m not a particularly violent person, but two people in this book really made me want to pull out my throat-punch that is always held in reserve.  They would have totally deserved it!  It showed Bianca’s strength of character to not have folded under their pressure.  Seriously, I love Bianca.

The love between James and Bianca is one that I love to read about.  In a way, it gives the reader hope for a love like that, even though it’s a novel.  Mile High made my chest hurt, it made me laugh, made me grin, made me roll my eyes at certain antics, and sigh in contentment.  I can't wait for Grounded, Book Three!! Mile High and the rest of the Up in the Air trilogy are well worth the time and cost!!  Get them all now!

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