Sep. 18, 2016

Grounded (Up in the Air Book Three) by R.K. Lilley

Grounded is Book Three in the Up in the Air trilogy by R.K. Lilley.  This was also a gift from a wonderful friend who is determined to get me hooked on crazy HOT trilogies.  Thanks to that wonderful friend and her own talent, R.K. Lilley has another fan in me. 

The hotness level ratcheted up with this third installment.  However, it was this novel that proved to me that the lifestyle that James and Bianca enjoyed is not one that I could live with.  I could read about it and enjoy the kinky aspects of it, but I couldn’t have it in my personal life, at least beyond a certain point.  Still, it is insanely hot.

Grounded is a much more emotional part of the story than the previous two novels.  James is still the beautiful, controlling, generous, and loving man that I learned to love.  He made me love him more in this book due to his vulnerability.  Who expects a billionaire dominant to be vulnerable?  I love alpha males, and while James certainly is one, his vulnerable side rounded his character out for me.  His transparent love and need for Bianca is consistent and beautiful.  I kept wanting Bianca to lower her walls and let James see just where he is in her life and what he is for her. 

I must admit that this part of their story made me curse more than the previous two parts.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy cursing, but my reaction seemed to be involuntary.  In this case, it was in response to how James handled things, how closed off Bianca kept herself until later, then at a particular event that kept my heart pounding.  Especially the part that involved my favorite character, Stephan.  What a way to break my heart then fix it up again!

I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship that built between James and the most important person in Bianca’s life, Stephan.  James could have been resentful of their relationship and obnoxious to Stephan, but he wasn’t.  I loved how much he appreciated Stephan and his place in Bianca’s life.  His understanding made me love him even more.  I’m the kind of person where, if a man resented or hated my best friends, that man would be a distant memory and not worth my time.

If you haven’t read the first two parts: In Flight and Mile High, you need to read them before Grounded.  You will be miss a lot if you don’t do so.  I highly suggest getting all three before you start.  You’ll thank me later.  I completely enjoyed this novel!  I have read the entire thing at least three times already.

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